How The May 16 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Sagittarius

Sagittarius is such a curious yet endearing sign. One of their best and worst traits when it comes to dating and friendship is that they are often blunt yet well liked. Known for forming "opinions off of pure emotion" (via Co-Star), they are deep thinkers who wonder why things happen in the world. They also put themselves on eternal searches to figure things out.

They are the ultimate truth-seekers so they enjoy being around other people who long for wisdom (via mindbodygreen). However, one thing that everyone gets wrong about a Sagittarius is that their bluntness is meant to be rude. On the contrary, their tell-it-like-it-is attitude is designed to help and enlighten.

Optimistic and generous, they long for lifeline freedom and have an insatiable thirst for experiences and knowledge. It's this inner desire to learn things right now that can leave them engaging in spur-of-the-moment escapades and also not quite finishing projects they begin. Add to this a lunar eclipse and you'll see why full moons have a tendency to make a Sagittarius go a little crazy.

Why a Sagittarius gets crazy during full moons

Those movies about people acting unlike themselves during a full moon hold some truth. Since a full moon lights up the sky more than usual, some people believe it can cause loss of sleep, which can, in turn, cause people to feel more grumpy and unsteady (via Healthline). However, some astrologers do put merit in the idea that a full moon can cause spiritual and emotional change, if only because when people believe something then they tend to act out the truth of it.

According to Your Tango, Sagittarius is one of the Zodiac's four signs that get "the craziest" when the moon is full. The other signs include Libra, Capricorn, and Aries. Apparently part of that is because the fire sign tends to "become weepy and emotional during the full moon."

In addition, their inner craving for freedom becomes more fierce; it's that combination that can lead to Sags acting a little unsteady.

The blood moon eclipse — also known as the super flower moon since it occurs in May (via Almanac) — will happen early in the morning on Monday, May 16. It could make a Sagittarius feel some sort of way.

What the May 16 full moon means for a Sagittarius

Instead of becoming rattled, the May full moon has the potential to force an already introspective Sagittarius to turn even more inward (via Women and Home), and that can be exhausting. It can also leave the fire sign feeling a little overwhelmed but also a little depressed simply because they tend to put a lot of high expectations on themselves. Though Sagittarians fully mean to fulfill promises and tasks, their tendency to be scattered can keep them from doing so (via Allure).

Now is the time to rest when you can and take extra measures to take care of yourself. A Sagittarius should recite affirming mantras and devote time to doing the basics, including eating and drinking well and getting enough downtime to rest and restore. Use your natural superpower of adaptability to help yourself adjust to changing emotions as the full moon passes by.