The Truth About Kelly Ripa And David Muir's Relationship

It's true that Kelly Ripa and David Muir don't just share the ABC network. Even though they are some of the most recognized faces and names on television, many fans fail to realize that the two know each other on a much deeper level as well. Since starting their impressive television careers — Ripa currently hosts "Live with Kelly and Ryan" and Muir hosts "World News Tonight" — the duo have built a wholesome friendship that's worth gushing about. 

Once dubbed the "Brad Pitt of news anchors," Muir does not keep his admiration for the "Live" host a secret. He's even shouted Ripa and her husband out on his Instagram more than a few times. Ripa, who has been married to her "All My Children" co-star Mark Consuelos for 26 years, apparently has more than one supportive man in her life. As it turns out, Ripa, Consuelos, and Muir have a friendship that is as pure as it gets.

Kelly Ripa emailed David Muir after she first saw him on World News Tonight

David Muir joined ABC News in 2003, and though it's not clear when Kelly Ripa first watched one of his newscasts, she did say that she was immediately obsessed with him. "I remember when I first saw David Muir file a report for 'World News Tonight.' I didn't know him at all," Ripa told her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, during an airing of "Live," (via Hello!). By that point, Muir had long since proven his journalistic skills. A graduate of Ithaca College and native of Syracuse, New York, Muir has investigated and reported on serious events like September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, and hard news in Ukraine, Israel, and Haiti (per Biography).

Suffice to say, Ripa was impressed. "I immediately cracked into the ABC News system email," she told her co-host, "which you're not supposed to use unless it's for news. And I wrote: 'Dude. You looked amazing tonight. Don't know what was going on. Looked kinda dangerous where you are. But just wanted to let you know that you looked amazing. I had the volume down,'" (via Hello!). Apparently, that's where it all began!

Kelly Ripa and David Muir love celebrating birthdays

Kelly Ripa posted on Instagram in honor of David Muir's birthday for the first time in 2018, but she admitted to her co-host Ryan Seacrest that, usually, she opts to make birthdays more personal for her close friends. Ripa admitted to Ryan Seacrest on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" that she often bakes homemade birthday cakes for her friends, but she never had made one for Muir. "I've never baked him a cake," Ripa admitted (via Hello!). "He's too ... kind ... shy about asking," she told Seacrest. "But this time he said, 'I wouldn't mind a cake.'" 

Ripa ended up giving Muir a cake for his birthday in 2018, and in turn, Muir crashed "Live" on Ripa's 50th birthday to gift her a birthday cake. Muir didn't stop with just celebrating Ripa, though. He shouted out Ripa's husband, Mark Consuelos, in an Instagram post for his birthday in 2019. "Happy birthday @instasuelos," Muir wrote. "[Y]ou make every view better — truly."

Kelly Ripa and David Muir aren't afraid to speak out for good causes

As if their friendship wasn't already wholesome enough, Kelly Ripa and David Muir have spent a considerable amount of time advocating for and drawing attention to humanitarian problems and worthy causes. As a journalist, Muir made a name for himself investigating and covering disasters. In a commencement address to graduating students from his alma mater of Ithaca College, Muir told them to use their voices to speak up for the things that matter (via News Wise).

Muir has indeed used his voice, and Ripa was the one who had the opportunity to publicly commend him for this dedication. Ripa presented Muir with the prestigious "Voice Award" at the 6th Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala. "I can't think of anyone more deserving than David for this award because he chooses to use his voice as a megaphone for the forgotten," Ripa said as she presented the award to her friend (per Save The Children). The organization said Muir earned the award for "his extraordinary commitment to bringing attention to some of the worse humanitarian crises of our time."

David Muir sometimes co-hosts alongside Kelly Ripa

There's nothing like seeing best friends beside each other on the screen. In February, David Muir took over Ryan Seacrest's usual spot next to Kelly Ripa for the day, co-hosting "Live" like a natural. It's clear that the two are used to catching up, and whether in the studio or in private, they find a way to shout each other out for just about any reason. "David Muir is such a baller," Ripa said within minutes of the episode beginning. "And he's not going to say this because he's a humble man, but he's such a baller because he wandered out here and casually placed two cell phones on the table ... And you know one of these phones is for breaking news."

It turns out, Ripa had initially communicated with her journalist best friend on his "work" phone. "You used to [text] on the breaking news phone," Muir revealed. Proving how seamless their friendship is, the two kept on bantering for the rest of the show.