What Meghan And Harry's PDA Says About Them, According To A Body Language Expert

Whether you're a fan of PDA or like to keep the hand-holding to yourself, there's no denying that it says a lot about a relationship. Analyzing the meaning is a whole lot more interesting when you're looking at a royal couple. Because the family is so private, something like a simple hand-hold can show a lot. Now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are officially out of the royal family, the PDA is off the charts. One body language expert is explaining what the PDA means, and you will likely be shocked to hear how much it says about the couple's dynamic.

The royal family has a whole lot of rules that they need to follow. There's a special order that everyone has to walk in, certain ways to greet each family member, and even dress codes depending on what event they're attending (via The Independent). But it turns out, there's no official rule against PDA in public. That being said, Queen Elizabeth does want her family to act professional at all times when representing the family. It's kind of like when you're out in public with your parents and you just know that they don't want you kissing your partner. 

Now that they're not in the royal family, Meghan and Prince Harry have been a little more touchy feely in public. Here's exactly what all that newfound body language means.

Meghan and Harry are 'head over heels' according to body language

To the naked eye, it seems like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are madly in love. It turns out that to the trained eye, that's exactly what it looks like too. Body language expert, Darren Stanton, on behalf of Slingo says that the two really are smitten with each other. You know, because of all that hand holding and lingering stares.

"Similarly to Kate [Middleton] and [Prince] William, Harry and Meghan have grown much more accustomed to public displays of affection, like holding hands or exchanging long glances with one another," Stanton says. "The strong eye contact between the pair is a clear indicator that Harry is completely head over heels for Meghan. He is often seen prolonging eye contact with Meghan — a behavior we usually reserve for romantic partners and a tell-tale sign of deep rapport, suggesting Harry is deeply in love."

If this is how they act when the public is watching, we can only imagine how lovey-dovey when they're alone. Ugh, what we would give to be a fly on the wall in their California home

The two show support and protection in their relationship

If the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview taught the world anything about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, it's that they will stand up for each other no matter what. Heck, the two have gone up against multiple publications and even the royal family together (via BBC). So, it's not really hard to believe that these two are protective of each other.

According to body language expert Darren Stanton, one of them is a tad more protective than the other. "Meghan, meanwhile, is very protective of Harry," Stanton says."There have been many occasions where she has sensed if Harry is feeling uncertain or lacking in confidence and she'll react with a gesture to reassure him. You'll notice at times Meghan will place the flat of her hand on Harry's back or touch his elbow — both are to show affection and to let him know that she is there to support him."

Prince Harry was the one who opened up about supporting Meghan during the hard time she had while in the royal family, but it's Meghan who is constantly showing that she is there for him. According to Daily Mail UK, Meghan's hand on her husband's back is a way to give him "extra reassurance" when they're together.

Their love has 'evolved over time'

If all of that wasn't already enough, body language expert Darren Stanton says the way that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hold hands says a lot as well. "Not only are their hands intertwined but their forearms also touch, signifying the deep connection they have," he says.

You don't need to read into their body language to see that they're closer than ever. Megan and Prince Harry recently kissed on stage at the Invictus Games. Like, an actual mouth-to-mouth kiss, which shouldn't come as a surprise for an everyday couple, but is extremely rare when it comes to the royal family. Think about it: The couple wasn't even allowed to have their first kiss as bride and groom until they were on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. Now they're out kissing in public at events. What a wild ride it's been.

At the end of the day, how these two interact is no one's business. That being said, it is fun to see their relationship unfold — with or without the royal family.