How Randall From The Ultimatum Really Feels About Shanique's Affair With Zay

Netflix is back at it again with another binge-worthy reality TV show. The latest dating series that has everyone talking? "The Ultimatum." This 10-part series follows six couples as they try to make one of the most difficult and important decisions of their lives: Should they get married or move on? At the start of the show, all of the couples temporarily split up and move in with another contestant on the series (via TV Insider). This "trial marriage" is an experiment designed to help each contestant on the show figure out whether their current partner is their true soulmate. Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence? Only time will tell!

Unsurprisingly, being a part of the social experiment of "The Ultimatum" is anything but easy. Each couple faced their own trials and tribulations on the series, and Shanique and Randall were no different. In their partnership, Shanique was ready to tie the knot with her long-time beau but Randall was less sure about taking the plunge. (In hindsight, Shanique and Randall reveal they were not emotionally prepared for "The Ultimatum"). Both Randall and Shanique ended up hitting it off with other contestants on the show. Randall had an immediate connection with Madlyn, while Shanique gradually developed feelings for her trial marriage partner, Zay. Shanique and Zay may have taken things slow, but that didn't stop them from having a hot and steamy night together during their trial marriage.

Things got steamy between Shanique and Zay during their trial marriage

During the trial marriage period on "The Ultimatum," many of the paired up couples vowed to keep things pretty platonic. Despite their attraction to one another, Randall and his trial marriage partner Madlyn agreed not to get physical with one another, as revealed by Madlyn in the fourth episode of the series (via Netflix). While a few smooches were exchanged between the pair here and there, for the most part, matters in the bedroom remained very PG.

Meanwhile, it was a very different story with Shanique and her trial marriage partner, Zay. On their first night together, Zay chivalrously offers to spend the night on the couch. However, as time goes on, things start to heat up between the temporary couple. One night, Shanique and Zay openly express their feelings for one another (via Netflix). "I do kind of wish since we've been talking about a lot of our emotions and our relationship, I feel like maybe it's okay if I do A, B, and Z," Shanique admitted, insinuating that she might want to get physical with Zay. Zay and Shanique then go home and share a steamy night in the bedroom.

Randall didn't love watching Shanique and Zay's affair unfold on the show

While Randall and Shanique left "The Ultimatum" engaged, the duo broke up for about six months shortly after filming wrapped. In the reunion episode on Netflix, Shanique admitted that even though the break-up was a challenging period, she believes her and Randall needed time apart to truly appreciate how much they love each other. Shanique's perspective on relationships have changed since the show, and while her and Randall are now back together, they are taking things one step at a time.

When asked about her affair with Zay at the reunion, Shanique opened up her motivations behind the hook up. The reality TV shared that she needed to get physical with Zay to realize that he wasn't her person. As for Randall? Even though Shanique had told her boyfriend about that fateful night, let's just say, it can't be easy for anyone to watch their girlfriend sleep with someone else on television. "Obviously it sucks to see," Randall shared. "Like I expected to see it at some point, because I just — you know she told me when it happened. I wasn't tripping about it, but just the visual, I could have lived without." So fair, Randall!