All Of Eric Forrester's Children On The Bold And The Beautiful

"The Bold and the Beautiful's" Eric Forrester has been with the soap since day one, with his portrayer, John McCook, being the longest-running actor on the 35-year-old CBS daytime drama. When Eric first appeared, he was already a father to grown adult children with his longtime wife, Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), and they were considered the matriarch and patriarch of the show, via Soap Opera Network.

While Stephanie passed away a decade ago, Eric is still going strong as a father, grandfather, and even great-grandfather, as well as a husband and a lover, but not necessarily to the same woman (via As Eric relives his youth by having an affair with the younger Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) as his younger wife, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), remains oblivious, as of this writing, Eric has been a bit absentee for his kids, but they have all definitely given him a very full and dramatic life (via

Eric had three daughters with Stephanie

Although only two of Eric and Stephanie Forrester's daughters had big storylines at one point, the couple actually had three daughters. Angela was born with microcephaly, a condition that causes poor brain development. Eric didn't even know she was alive because Stephanie had told him she died at birth. Little did he know Stephanie had Angela put in a medical facility — Stephanie wasn't even informed when her daughter accidentally died. Eventually, the truth came to light (via Soap Central).

Eric and Stephanie's daughter, Kristen Forrester (Tracy Melchior), has not been seen in "The Bold and the Beautiful's" fictional version of Los Angeles for years, but her adopted son, Zende Forrester (Delon De Metz), works with his grandfather, Eric, at Forrester Creations (via His Daughter Felicia (played by Colleen Dion-Scotti and Lesli Kay) has come and gone through the years and Eric once even believed she died of cancer, but Stephanie secretly sent her away to save her life. However, she hasn't been seen on the soap regularly since 2009 (via Soaps In Depth).

Eric's son Ridge isn't really his

Until Ridge Forrester (played by Ronn Moss and now Thorsten Kaye) was well into adulthood, Eric Forrester had no reason to doubt that the first son Stephanie gave birth to was his. After all, they were married and even Stephanie didn't realize her ex, Massimo Marone (Joseph Mascolo), was Ridge's real dad. Ridge was already a man with three children of his own married several times over when he learned that Eric wasn't his real father (via Soaps In Depth). However, he still considers the man who raised him to be his dad and is even moving back into the Forrester mansion as of this writing after another breakup with Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang), according to Soap Hub.

In fact, both Eric and Ridge have been married to Brooke more than once, but it's Ridge who she has truly carried a torch for through most of "The Bold and the Beautiful's" run. Ridge typically goes back and forth between Brooke and Taylor Hayes (played by Hunter Tylo and Krista Allen), the mother of his three kids, the late Phoebe Forrester (Mackenzie Mauzy), as well as Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Eric has another son with Stephanie named Thorne

Eric and Stephanie Forrester's second son, Thorne, has also come and gone through the years but remained on-screen on a much more consistent basis than his sisters. Played through the years by Clayton Norcross, Jeff Trachta, Winsor Harmon, and Ingo Rademacher, Thorne spent a lot of time living in the shadow of his older brother, Ridge Forrester. He even married two of the same women that Ridge married, Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson) and Brooke Logan Forrester (via Soaps In Depth).

Thorne spent many years in an on-again/off-again romance with Macy Alexander (Bobbie Eakes), but his daughter with Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison), Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce), died in 2015. Thorne was last seen in Los Angeles in 2019 when Rademacher briefly played the part and Thorne suddenly developed an Australian accent. When his short-lived marriage to Katie Logan (Heather Tom) didn't work out, he left town. However, did pop up in Brooke's 2022 dream about all the men who have been in her life, played once again by Harmon (via

Eric has a son named Rick with Brooke Logan

When Ridge Forrester chose to marry Caroline Spencer rather than Brooke Logan, she found comfort in his father, Eric Forrester. Yes, Eric had been married to Stephanie for years, but he quickly dumped her for Brooke and married her when she became pregnant. That's when Eric Forrester Jr. was born, and he was quickly nicknamed Rick (via Soaps In Depth).

Although Rick was born in 1990, through the magic of soap opera aging, he was a full-fledged teen by the end of the decade and involved with Amber Moore. Through the years, Rick (played by Jacob Young, Kyle Lowder, and Justin Torkilsden) led a dramatic life filled with women, including Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey), the niece of the original Caroline who Ridge and Thorne had loved. Rick finally seemed to settle down with Maya Avant and was involved with daytime's first transgender wedding, but he and Maya divorced off-screen while they were living in Europe (via Soaps In Depth).

Eric has a second daughter with Brooke named Bridget

When Bridget Forrester was first born, Eric Forrester had no idea she was his daughter as he never knew Brooke was already pregnant when they broke up. Brooke was more than happy to live in a fantasy world in which Bridget was Ridge Forrester's daughter and she even called him 'Daddy' for quite a few years until the truth came out. Years later, a young adult Bridget (then played by Jennifer Finnigan) even had fleeting romantic feelings for Ridge when it was revealed he wasn't a biological Forrester (via Soaps In Depth).

Bridget married young when she wed Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) and was horrified when her mother had an affair with her husband — an affair that gave her a sister named Hope. Bridget and Brooke later loved the same man again when Nick Marone arrived in LA. Over the last few years, Bridget, now a doctor played by Ashley Jones, has been living out of town and visiting during family occasions, but she recently returned to LA (via and was Steffy Forrester's doctor after the young woman was shot.