Here's Who RuPaul Would Emulate If He Participated In Snatch Game

"RuPaul's Drag Race's" Season 14 Snatch Game didn't sit right with fans, but luckily the "All Stars 7" variety is being cheered as a return to form. In fact, PinkNews reckons it's one of the strongest editions yet. This season of "All Stars" is the first to be comprised entirely of previous "Drag Race" winners, so already anticipation is high, particularly with previous Snatch Game standouts like Jinkx Monsoon and Trinity the Tuck included as cast members. Given the bar has been set so much higher, Mama Ru tasked the girls with impersonating two celebrities this time around, rather than just one, as normal. 

It turned out to be a genius move, with bizarre takes on Satan and The Boogeyman landing well alongside more recognizable celebrities such as Leslie Jordan and Mike Tyson. The Snatch Game is frequently the standout episode of any "Drag Race" season. But, as the Los Angeles Times argued, it's also the challenge that separates potential winners from those who are clearly out of their depth. In several cases, the queen who wins Snatch Game, like Jinkx, goes on to win the entire show, too. Even when it's bad, as with the regrettable "Drag Race Down Under" edition, Snatch Game is still pretty entertaining. 

Clearly, Mama Ru likes to watch her queens sweat. But, if given the opportunity herself, which celebrity would the eponymous host choose to impersonate? 

Mama Ru's choice will already be familiar to Drag Race fans

Legends recognize legends. And, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, RuPaul revealed she knows exactly who she'd pick if taking part in the fan-favorite Snatch Game herself. "The person I'd impersonate — and I knew this from day one — would have to be LaToya Jackson. That would be so perfect," Ru shared. "I understand her sense of humor, I can speak like her, and I can dress like her. It would be so much fun." It's worth noting, per IMDb, Jackson has been featured on "Drag Race" seven times to date. 

She hasn't appeared since Ra'Jah O'Hara did her in "All Stars 6," however. Unlike Tamar Braxton, sister of legendary singer Toni Braxton, who actually took part in the Season 7 Snatch Game after being sent up by Roxxxy Andrews just a couple of years prior, as The Guardian reported at the time. RuPaul's favorite part about filming "Drag Race" has nothing to do with the standout challenge, but it's comforting to know she takes celebrity impersonation just as seriously as the queens who participate in the hit show.

Snatch Game can propel competitors to bigger and better things

The Snatch Game might be the funniest challenge on "Drag Race," but it's no joke. As a Reddit post notes, over the years, several celebrities have shown their appreciation for being sent up on the hit show, including Judge Judy and Amanda Lepore. In fact, sometimes stars love the queens' impressions so much it leads to them working together down the line, as with Season 12's Jackie Cox and Lisa Rinna. Per Entertainment Weekly, Jackie portrayed a drag version of Rinna on "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem." As the New York native enthused, "Lisa was so welcoming and definitely helped me find my light. She kept saying 'the good light is over here, honey,' and amen for that!"

Moreover, as EW points out, in the case of "Drag Race UK" Season 1 winner The Vivienne, her impression of Donald Trump was so popular it nabbed her a show on WOW Presents Plus. The Vivienne played Trump in "Morning T&T" opposite her Season 1 sister, Baga Chipz, who reprised her own character, Margaret Thatcher. She also narrated a TV special about Trump. The Vivienne was concerned about living up to her own high standards in "AS7," admitting, "It's hard, coming into this as a winner and also a winner of Snatch Game. To have to go through all that and, hopefully, live up to your first one is the scariest thing I've ever done." Thankfully, she killed it yet again.