If You're A Leo, This Is The House Plant You Should Get

A true fire sign, Leos boast all the energy, warmth, brightness, and power of their ruling planet: the sun (via Allure). Natural born leaders, Leos are in their element at the head of a hiking group, at the head of the table in a board room, or center stage in a production. Passionate and dedicated friends and partners, Leos do also have a reputation for being a bit self-centered; their egos can run the show a lot of the time. But their hearts are warm and loyal, and if they love you, there is little they wouldn't do for you.

Leos love adventure and fun, and they are the epitome of the work hard, play hard type. Where it comes to their homes, they tend to have a very particular style all their own, and while they like to have the freedom to come and go as they please, they also thrive off of taking excellent and dedicated care of the people and pets they share their homes with. If a Leo chooses to also share their home with houseplants, you can be assured they will want to take meticulous care in choosing the plants and caring for them. 

Here are some ideas for plants that would be a good match for this passionate sign.  

Rex Begonia

Being a fast-burning fire sign, Leos can benefit from some grounding. Nature provides this calming outlet for them (via YourTango), so bringing some nature into their living space in the form of houseplants is a great idea for the wellbeing of a Leo. 

The Spruce recommends an attention-grabbing Rex Begonia for the lion of the zodiac. Because they come in several different colors, you can pick one that suits your style just so, and because they require minimal care, you can still get away for a weekend at the drop of a hat without worrying. Like you, Leo, these plants make a statement and are often the center of attention, even when surrounded by others. 

To properly care for a Rex Begonia, make sure it has good sunlight; they prefer moderate to full indirect sun (via The Sill). And as far as watering, once a week is enough to keep your Rex Begonia well-nourished and happy. Be careful not to overwater, as this can cause leaf crinkling and rot.      


Astrologer Clarisse Monahan told Better Homes and Gardens that because Leos are the "royal sign of the zodiac," they need a houseplant that matches that regal energy. Her suggestion? An Amaryllis. These brilliantly-colored bulbs are attention-grabbing and gorgeous. They come in several colors, and while they are often associated with being planted outdoors, you can certainly raise bulbs like Amaryllis indoors in a pot.

Leos miss the sun terribly in the winter, but growing a fiery bloom indoors in the colder months can soothe the soul. To successfully grow an Amaryllis inside in a pot, you'll want to plant them between October and April. You should expect them to bloom between six and ten weeks after planting. If you need to store the bulbs before you pot them, you should store them in 40-50 degree farenheight temperatures (via Garden Therapy). The fridge works! 

Before putting them into the pot, soak them for a few hours in lukewarm water. Cover the bulb three-quarters of the way up the neck with rich soil and pat gently. Water when it feels dry, keep it at room temperature, and watch it grown into a sunny, bright plant in the dead of winter!