How The May 30 New Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

You've likely heard all about the phases of the moon. From the haunting full moon to the waxing and waning, the phases of the moon hit whether you realize it or not. The new moon brings a time for new beginnings. Every 28 days the moon stars over and gives you a chance to do the same. On May 30 there will be a new moon in Gemini, which is the sign that is all about communication. This is a big moment for Aquarius, a fellow air sign like Gemini who is all about direct and clear communication. If you're wondering what the new moon means for the sign of Aquarius, also known as the water bearer, you will likely be pleasantly surprised. 


From retrogrades that make it feel like your world is ending to wild full moon behavior, sometimes there seems like there's a lot to worry about. You'll be happy to know that the upcoming new moon is nothing like that. According to Moon Glow, the new moon is viewed as a symbol of new beginnings. While that seems heavy, it's a really beautiful time for an Aquarius.

With a new moon in Gemini, a fellow air sign, and Aquarius will likely be thriving in two major areas in life. Buckle up, because the next six months will be good for you.

Your romantic life could be heating up

If you've been looking for some extra luck in the romance department, you're in luck. According to InStyle, this will be a time for major moments in your love life. "Falling in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, this new moon can bring butterflies and magic to your love and dating life," the publication says.


Each new moon "falls" somewhere on your astrological chart, which means that each house gets a refresh in the new moon. For an Aquarius, the May 30 new moon is in the house of romance and self-expression, as InStyle mentions. To put it in plain English, it means that it's a good time for those two areas in your life. Nylon even goes as far as to say this specific new moon will "bring clarity to cosmic chaos" by setting intentions and manifesting. 

Lean into your love life during this time. Whether it's planning a date night with the person you love or reaching out to someone you've had your eye on, all the luck is on your side this month.

Look for changes in your communication

Having a rough time getting your communication across lately? There's nothing worse to an Aquarius than not having clear communication, but you'll be feeling the flow during the May 30 new moon. According to InStyle, Mars will meet Jupiter in an Aquarius' third house of communication, meaning that you will be tempted to speak from the heart. 


Take this time to open up with those closest to you. Yes, we know that sounds like torture to a cerebral Aquarius, but lean into the feeling and see where it takes you. Your emotions will be on your side this month. If that still seems like too much to you, crack open the spine of the journal that you likely have laying around and get your feelings down on the page. 

As an Aquarius, you're feeling the communication doubly this Gemini season. The twins are known for their adamant communication, so you'll be really feeling the push to be clear in your messages this month. As astrologist Leslie Hale tells Refinery29, "enjoy the natural curiosity and desire to interact with others during the Gemini season." That means get out of your head and live a little, Aquarius.


Use Memorial Day to try something new

As if the planets are aligning just for you, the new moon also brings with it a long weekend. The new moon in Gemini occurs on May 30, which is the day before Memorial Day in the United States. According to Astrology Zone, that means the weekend is the perfect time to book a trip somewhere. The publication says that your third house, which Mars is shaking up, is also great for travel. You know, as if you needed another sign to book a weekend trip away.


Travel and Leisure points out that Aquarians are fiercely independent, so a solo vacation isn't a bad idea. Keep in mind that this is Gemini season though. It's a great time for communication and bonding with others, so don't be afraid to push yourself a bit and plan a group trip. With InStyle adding that it's also a great time for your love life, you might be thinking about booking that romantic trip for two you've been putting off. Now is the time!

The new moon is a time for sibling bonding

All that third house commotion going on with the May 30th new moon also brings about some sibling connection for an Aquarius. According to Astrology Zone, expect your siblings to pop up a lot around the time of the new moon. Whether that means a call to catch up or one of your siblings booking a trip to come and see you, the publication suggests agreeing to the meeting and seeing where it takes you. 


This could be a great time for your siblings to introduce you to someone new, whether it be a new friend or someone they could see you in a relationship with. The power of your third house could combine your sibling and love life in the perfect way.

With so much luck on your side in the love, communication, and travel areas, you might as well be a little spontaneous this month. We know that can be hard for an Aquarius, but try your best not to overthink and just go with the flow around this time.

The time after the new moon is a time for realignment

Ready for the best part of these new moon vibes for an Aquarius? Good luck in your third house could feel the positive effects of this Gemini new moon for up to six months. That takes you until the end of the year, my friends.


According to Astrology Zone, the luck in your third house will keep going if you take the initiative to work with the new moon. "The strongest vibrations, however, flow immediately after the new moon, in the first 10 to 14 days," the publication says. "To make a new moon work for you, all you need to do is take the first step on a golden day like this one."

All signs point to Aquariuses having a pretty spectacular year. Whether you're looking for love, planning a wedding, or just looking to build up your friendships, it's time to thrive.