Mushroom Prints Are Taking Over Style Trends In 2022

Just when we thought the fashion trends that've been completely taking over 2022 couldn't get any more interesting, we started seeing lots of people wearing mushroom prints. While this isn't the first time we've noticed food-inspired looks, we're amazed by the popularity of this outlandish style trend.

According to Refinery29, even famous designer brands, such as Alexander McQueen, have been including mushroomy looks in their designs. And in addition to the mushroom print aesthetic, Refinery29 stated that some brands have been using mushroom leather. While some people may think the mushroom-inspired look is a bit strange, it's also a lot of fun. How can you not smile when wearing something covered in mushroom print? After all, dopamine dressing is becoming the new street-style trend.

Although mushroom prints may seem like they came out of nowhere, Fashionista explained that people started noticing the recurring theme of mushrooms in the clothing industry back in 2020; these mushroom-inspired designs are trendier than ever in 2022.

Psychedelic fashion and mushroom prints

We know what you may be thinking: Why is this a trend? There are so many vegetables and fruits in the world that mushrooms probably seem like a specific choice for fashion designers to obsess over. However, the trend isn't as random as you think because psychedelic-inspired styles are another prominent 2022 trend. According to Dazed, trippy, seemingly psychedelic looks have been all over the runways, as many people have been vying for an escape from the countless upsetting, stressful issues that have been occurring in the world.

For those who don't know about mushroom print's connection to psychedelic fashion, magic mushrooms, also known as "shrooms," are psychedelic drugs that some people use to escape reality. Verywell Mind explained these drugs "contain psilocybin, a naturally-occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound." Using this drug can affect you physically and mentally; it can make you feel euphoric, panicked, or nauseous, as well as making you believe you see and hear things that aren't really happening, and much more. Thus, with psychedelic-inspired fashion's rising popularity, it makes perfect sense that mushroom prints are having their moment in 2022.

How to rock the mushroom trend

Are you feeling dauntless enough to experiment with the mushroom print trend but don't know where to start? By searching #mushroomfashion on Instagram, you can find a plethora of examples of how to rock this trippy trend, such as mushroom print tops, T-shirts, hoodies, skirts, and even earrings. These fun items are excellent pieces to wear to music festivals, casual lunches with friends, parties, raves, outdoorsy events like hikes or fishing, carnivals, and nights in with your loved ones.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the mushroom-inspired style isn't just trending in the worlds of fashion and accessories. Mushrooms have been finding their way into decorations and beauty-related products, too. Even if you aren't feeling adventurous enough to flaunt an outlandish mushroom-printed top or skirt, you can at least consider investing in a calendar, lamp, pillowcase, paperweight, or any of the many other creative ways to implement mushrooms into your space. Or, if you want to incorporate some products that use mushrooms into your beauty routine, why not explore a serum or lotion enhanced with this vegetable? The options are endless.

We can't wait to see how people are going to continue to implement mushroom-inspired items into their lifestyles!