How The May 30 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Libra

Eclipse season is over and Mercury retrograde is on the way out. The new moon on May 30 will totally change up the vibes for many members of the zodiac. This particular lunation, which falls under the air sign of Gemini, is set to bring some fresh energy, perspective, and a light-hearted and fun feeling (via Mind Body Green). New moons are a perfect time of the month to set some new intentions, reflect on what's working and what's not working in your life, and recharge your mental and physical batteries. Thankfully, the lunation will bring themes of just that.

"Luckily, the stars and the cosmos are gifting us with a much lighter and brighter energy now," astrologer Madi Murphy tells Refinery 29 of the upcoming new moon. "It's like we have a crisp, blank page to write on as the new moon moves into Gemini," she continued. "It's time to communicate your heart and your mind, especially as it pertains to your values, your beliefs, and your relationships. We are ready to do something new, enterprising, and courageous."

Meanwhile, those born under the sign of Libra may find themselves longing for travel and spiritual connection while also hitting up the social scene.

Libra may feel drawn to travel during the new moon

According to Bustle, if you're a Libra (born between September 23 and October 22) the new moon on May 30 could set you on a path towards adventure. It's likely that you've established routines and have stuck to them on a daily basis. Whether it's hitting the gym each morning, taking the dog for a walk after dinner, or simply getting to bed by a certain hour. Life can tend to be a bit predictable at times, but during this lunation, Libra will be pulled to hit the open road, do some traveling, and simply let loose a bit while getting to know the more spontaneous side of their personality.

Woman and Home note that it's not all about travel for Libra during the new moon. The air sign may also be looking to learn something new by sitting down to do some research or speaking with an expert. It may also prove to be a good time to start a new venture. So if you've been dragging your feet about remodeling your home, starting a podcast, or creating something artsy, go for it.

Meanwhile, Libra's calendar could fill up quickly towards the end of the month.

Libra may see their social calendar fill up during the new moon on May 30

Allure reveals that Libra may be noticing that they're in high demand when it comes to their social scene. As the month of May comes to a close, the air sign will likely be getting invited to lots of events. It could be as simple as a backyard barbeque, as casual as a baseball game, or as elegant as a night out on the town. Whatever the occasion, relish your popularity. When the new moon on May 30 hits, you may feel tired and you'll want to carve out a bit of time to perform some self-care rituals and relax after an exciting few days, and what's sure to be a fun-filled month ahead.

According to Metro, the tarot card that syncs up with Libra during the time of the new moon is the Knight of Wands. The card reflects new possibilities and taking baby steps towards something daring and exciting. The Knight of Wands also correlates to making memories, which are precious gifts that can last a lifetime.

It appears that Libra will have plenty to do during the new moon on May 30, and that good times are surely ahead for the sign.