The Sunscreen That Can Replace Your Foundation

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We live for a good beauty multitasker, especially in the summer. Who wants to layer sunscreen, moisturizer, AND foundation on a hot, muggy day? Not us! The typical thick moisturizing creams and serums from winter just aren't going to cut it when it's warm. Your face will feel heavy, and in some climates, may melt right off. After Memorial Day, a minimal beauty routine is what we need, so our skin can breathe easier and we can get on with our lives.

So, when we heard about a cutting-edge product that hydrates, protects (with SPF), and offers a light glowy coverage, we had to investigate. And believe it or not, beauty gurus are so obsessed that they are ditching foundation altogether. Yes, you heard that right — a bottle of this skincare wonder will even out skin tone and hide minor imperfections just as well as a heavy foundation. Enlarged pores, acne scarring, and dry skin have met their match with this multi-purpose product.

What to know about Supergoop! Glowscreen

The summer skincare gods at Supergoop! have saved skin for several summers in a row with their wide selection of clean sunscreens. This cult-favorite brand has everything from serums to shimmery to misting and waterproof formulas. But up until now, we've always layered some foundation or makeup over the top of our sunscreen. In comes Glowscreen. A formula that expertly combines SPF 40 with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and B5 and a subtle tint. The sunscreen is marketed as a primer, or a glowy base for any makeup look, but the skincare experts at Refinery29 claim that "it obscures blemishes and pores so expertly" that they don't see the need for foundation or concealer.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews from customers agree, including this raving testimonial from Ali, who wrote, "I'm on my second bottle and plan to keep purchasing this one. Subtle glowy look, nice hydration, but never feels heavy or sticky at all. Bonus is that it minimizes the appearance of minor imperfections too." Even though Glowscreen has a subtle tint, the two shade options are blendable enough to suit a wide range of skin tones. There are several reviews testing the product on darker skin, showing how the formula provides an airbrushed-like gleam without the white cast.

Glowscreen is priced at $36, which is a bit steep, but worth it if you're minimizing the rest of your beauty routine. Plus, you'll feel safe knowing your skin is protected from the damage of UV rays.