Retro Hairstyles That Are Simply Timeless

It seems like hairstyle trends are constantly changing. While it's fun to change your look now and then to flaunt the absolute best hair trends of the moment, it can get a bit tiring. We enjoy the many hairstyles that everyone has been asking for in 2022, such as cute buns, lots of layers, sassy bobs, super shiny locks, and lots of early 2000s inspiration (via Women's Health). However, we can't help but wonder what will be coming next when these stylish trends run their course, and it's time for a new batch of trendy hairdos to take over.

Are you exhausted from spending so much time and money trying to keep up with whatever hairstyles start trending every season? If so, you should consider keeping it classic with retro hairstyles or old-school haircuts. According to Who What Wear, some flattering hairdos are so timeless that they'll make you look good no matter what season or year it is. If you're ready to get retro, we know all the best hairstyles for you to explore.

Look like a movie star with glamorous waves

Anyone who enjoys watching the alluring films of the 1940s and 50s should consider wearing their hair in long waves. Luxy Hair explained that this look never goes out of style because of iconic movie stars such as Lana Turner and Veronica Lake, who was particularly famous for her blonde tresses. These gentle waves aren't as tight as most curly hairstyles but give off a swirly, softer vibe than straight strands.

So, how can you master this old Hollywood-inspired hairstyle? You can find lots of tutorials on YouTube! For instance, an informative YouTube video by Sazan Hendrix outlined the steps. First, you should decide how you want to part your hair — she chose an intense side part. Next, section off different areas of your hair, and curl the bottom sections with a medium or large curling wand by twisting your locks around the wand. Continue doing this throughout your whole head of hair, and spray it with a texture spray. Be sure to carefully brush or comb your newly curled locks to softly turn the curls into waves, and complete the look with hairspray. Then, you'll be done!

Rock a ribbon for a girly look

If you're on the hunt for a girly accessory that will add a little extra something to your hair without being too over-the-top, you can't go wrong with a classic hair ribbon. The Fashion Spot explained that this retro hair accessory is appropriate for a wide variety of events, activities, and occasions.

Anyone who wants to start wearing hair ribbons and is looking for some inspiration can find a plethora of examples of how to flaunt this old-school accessory on Instagram. For instance, a classic white hair ribbon with black polka dots is a retro option for anyone who enjoys a 1950s-esque style. Or, if you want to make a bold statement, try wearing a bright red hair ribbon with a matching outfit and makeup. Plus, if you're a fashionista who's willing to invest in a designer hair ribbon, why not splurge on a name-brand item by an iconic designer like Chanel?

Channel Rosie the Riveter with a bandana and a bun

Chances are, everyone who took a high school history class knows about Rosie the Riveter. The famous image of this empowering, independent woman inspired plenty of real women to get out of their homes and start working instead of staying in traditional roles in the '40s (via The beloved image of Rosie the Riveter shows her wearing a red bandana with polka dots tied around her head over tight curls without any long hair flowing beneath her head.

Fans of Rosie the Riveter and her hairstyle are in luck because Stylecraze explained that wearing a bun with a bandana is a trendy yet retro hairdo that isn't difficult to achieve. Rocking a sleek bun with a few tight curls under a red bandana will help you give off that powerful and determined Rosie the Riveter vibe, plus you can explore different variations of this trend for more options.

You can never go wrong with sleek, shoulder-length locks

According to The Right Hairstyles, wearing a shoulder-length, curled hairdo with a red lip and intense makeup was a popular look in the '40s. Although shoulder-length haircuts rose to popularity in the 1940s, they never really went out of style, as people still love wearing this hair length today. The traditional shoulder-length look has been updated for modern styles, and the "lob" or "long bob" haircut is a popular option for women who are looking for stylish but low-maintenance hairstyles.

The Trend Spotter noted that there are countless ways to style a lob; they even rounded up their top 40 lob options! Some of their favorite types of long bob haircuts include lobs with some texture, messy looks (not many haircuts look good messy, so that's a major perk of having a lob cut), and blunt choices.

You can find even more examples of this timeless haircut on Instagram, as over a million results pop up when you search #lob. Whether you're a blond, brunette, redhead, or have colorful hair, a classic shoulder-length lob is an excellent choice for everyone.

Be a classic princess with long, flowing locks

All Things Hair explained that in traditional eras, ladies typically had flowing tresses that they styled in various updos. Although they often wore their locks up, it was usually long, making longer locks a timeless look. So, instead of rushing to the salon to get the short style that's trending at the moment, why not opt for classically beautiful locks that go down past your chest?

If you want to grow your locks longer, Mindbodygreen Lifestyle rounded up some tips. For example, you should try to avoid damaging your hair with hot products such as blow dryers, flat irons, or curling wands. Furthermore, you should be diligent about keeping your tresses healthy with a moisturizing conditioner. Plus, remember that you should always keep your scalp clean. When you're growing your hair out, be patient, as achieving princessy long locks can be a lengthy process (pun intended!), and not every person's tresses grow at the same speed.

We're in love with all these timeless hairstyles; there truly is something for everyone!