Hairstyles You'll Be Asking For In Spring 2022

With every new season comes a new set of trends, and that includes beauty trends like makeup, nails and of course, hair. If you want to keep your look current, and not dated, you're probably curious about what's trending for spring of 2022. The best way to approach a new season can be a new look that makes you feel your best, and if you're feeling good, you'll always look great.

If you're ready to explore all the new hair trends for springtime — long, short, retro, cool-girl, and more — read on for the freshest and lightest looks. The spring season is all about abandoning the old and embracing what's new, and we look forward to exploring some new hairdos. PopSugar noted that many of the most prominent spring 2022 hair trends are going to have a retro influence and feature innovative twists on classic styles. These are some of our favorite upcoming hair trends!

Get ready for some nostalgia with the '90s bob

Anyone who loved the '90s is in for a treat: The '90s bob is back and here to stay! According to Refinery29, this edgy haircut frames the jawline with its square-like shape. We love how it's long enough to frame your face but short enough to make your features pop, and this look doesn't get in the way of your face. Worn with a middle or side part, the '90s bob is messier and more undone than bobs from earlier decades. Spring is the perfect time to chop your hair shorter because the warm weather can make long hair feel heavy, especially when summer eventually rolls around. Short cuts look chic with spring clothes such as crop tops, ripped jeans, and skirts, so now's an excellent time to book an appointment with your hairdresser and ditch your long locks for a short new hairdo.

As if we need even more reasons to love this bold look, Glamour noted some iconic celebrities who have rocked this '90s look over the years, including actress Cameron Diaz, socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian, and model Kaia Gerber. 

Embrace Rapunzel-length hair

While the '90s bob is a fun, fresh trend, not everyone likes short hair or is comfortable making the chop. Even actress and style icon Blake Lively once revealed that she would not want to cut her famously long, blond hair, as she sees it as a "safety net" and prefers wearing it down (via Elle Australia). If you're like Lively and love your long hair too much to cut it, you're in luck, as super long hair is another significant hairstyle trend in spring 2022.

Nylon explained that locks so long they would rival Rapunzel's is a current hair trend, and celebrities such as Meghan Thee Stallion and Zendaya have recently rocked this luxurious look. If you're thinking of growing your hair down to your stomach or even lower, remember to be patient and don't expect it to get there overnight. Keep in mind that maintaining such long locks can be quite time-consuming, but the stylish look is so head-turning that the maintenance will certainly be worth it. Be sure to ask your hairstylist about which products can help you grow and maintain such long hair. Wearing spring dresses, blouses, and skirts with this gorgeous long hair will make you look like a princess in a movie!

Layers, layers, and more layers

If you're looking to add some more bounce to your hair without significantly altering the overall length, layers are a great way to go. Layers have been on-trend for over a year now, and this spring, they're going to be trendier than ever, so now's the perfect time to experiment. Per Allure, both long and short layers are trending, so there's a style for everyone. Long layers are an excellent choice for anyone who's looking to add more dimension to their hair without committing to short or medium-length hair. While it's not a drastic change, getting long layers will bring your flowing locks to life and looks great with different hair types and textures.

For anyone who wants a shorter, more dramatic look, short layers are a perfect way to get bold with different lengths. This style can be as choppy as you'd like, and can even have a punk influence if you want to make the layers wild and uneven. Can't decide between long or short layers? We love both of these looks, and if you're new to layered locks, it may be a good idea to start long, and then eventually go shorter once you get used to the varying lengths in your hair. A conversation with your hairdresser can also help you determine which look would be the better option for you.

We all love lobs

Do you love how bobs look but aren't comfortable cutting your hair quite that short? If you want to go a bit shorter with your hair but still want to keep it medium-length, you can't go wrong with a stylish lob, according to Elle. A lob typically goes to your shoulders or lies slightly above them. The easy-breezy cut offers some length without appearing too heavy.

According to Bustle, there are many benefits to wearing your hair in a lob. For example, this style looks good on every face shape, adds volume to your hair, and is appropriate for different hair textures. We already loved this look, but once we saw that Selena Gomez is rocking a lob now, we knew that the style is a definite spring trend.

So which of these stunning hairstyles are you going to ask for next time you go to the salon?