Jill Biden Has A Message For Queen Elizabeth Ahead Of Her Platinum Jubilee

All eyes will be on Queen Elizabeth as she celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, which honors her historic 70 years on the British throne. The celebrations will include lit beacons, a special Thanksgiving service, a lunch, a pageant, and Trooping the Colour, which will feature more than 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians, per People. If that weren't enough, there will also be a live concert with a star-studded lineup of unexpected performers including Queen + Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys, and Duran Duran. The legendary Diana Ross will close out the show.

"I have had the honor of meeting the queen many times throughout my life, including when I was with my family," Ross told People. "Her Majesty has and continues to be such an incredible inspiration to so many across the world and I was absolutely delighted to receive an invitation to perform on such a momentous and historic occasion."

The singer isn't the only notable name who holds Queen Elizabeth in high regard. She has also had a good relationship with many of the U.S. presidents throughout the years; Barack Obama even called her "truly one of my favorite people." In fact, Elizabeth has met 13 out of the 14 last sitting presidents, according to Town & Country, including current President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. 

Now the first lady is sending some special wishes to the queen ahead of the Jubilee.

Jill Biden thanked Queen Elizabeth for her friendship with America

First Lady Jill Biden shared a sweet message for Queen Elizabeth on "Good Morning America" to honor the royal's Platinum Jubilee. "Your Majesty, Joe and I wish you a wonderful celebration of your Platinum Jubilee," she said. "Congratulations on 70 years of service to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth and thank you for your enduring friendship with the American people."

The Bidens have a special relationship with Queen Elizabeth. The couple met the queen when Barack Obama was president and Joe Biden was vice president, and the couple traveled to the U.K. in 2021 to meet with her for tea. President Biden has even revealed who Elizabeth reminds him of. "I don't think she'd be insulted, [but] she reminded me of my mother, the look of her and just the generosity," he said, per US News & World Report.

The Bidens have also formed a bond with another royal: Prince Harry. In fact, President Biden joked about Harry's relationship with Jill when the two met in 2013 while the prince was visiting the United States. "I read in The Guardian, or one of them, and it says — I'm paraphrasing — 'everywhere Prince Harry went, he had this blonde woman on his arm,'" Joe Biden recalled, per Express. "The vice-president's wife! I'm a little worried here, you know what I mean?"