Married To Real Estate Season 2: Details We Know So Far

Some HGTV couples, such as "Home Town" stars Erin and Ben Napier, are born, while other stars are made. Take Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson for example. According to Deadline, the pair were so popular on "Property Virgins," "Flipping Virgins," and "Rock the Block," — on which they featured as judges — that the home renovation network gifted them their own show. "Married to Real Estate" Season 1 debuted in January 2022, comprising eight episodes total, and fans were immediately hooked thanks in large part to the sweet rapport shared between the married leads.

The show sees Sherrod and Jackson helping their clients find their dream home in their ideal location, using her knowledge as an established real estate agent, before he takes over and renovates the property to make it exactly what the clients want. "Egypt already built a huge fan base as a proven real estate and renovation expert, but now we get to see her in action with Mike, her husband and business partner, and together they are positively irresistible," enthused Jane Latman, president of HGTV. "If Egypt and Mike are on a home-buying and renovation team, everyone wins."

The couple's wealth of knowledge in the property industry is well-established, with their winning home on "Rock the Block" selling for a whopping $1.32 million, per They're clearly incredibly busy both on-and-off television, so will the lovable duo be back for Season 2?

Has Married to Real Estate been renewed for Season 2?

The debut season of "Married to Real Estate" wrapped up in March 2022, and fans immediately began wondering whether the show would be up for renewal. Since the first season was so popular with viewers, it comes as no surprise to learn that HGTV is officially gearing up for Season 2. According to Deadline, "Married to Real Estate" has been renewed for a second season, and the television network has reportedly "ordered 12 new one-hour episodes of the series." The outlet goes on to say that Season 2 will likely "premiere in early 2023," which means fans won't have to wait very long to see more of Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson's incredible work.

The difference between Sherrod and Jackson and some other HGTV fan favorites, though, is that they're hugely in demand with their regular careers at home in Atlanta. It's worth noting that Sherrod revealed on Instagram that she and Jackson had been offered two other reality shows prior to "Married to Real Estate," but it was important for them to make the right call.

In the caption, Sherrod said, "Best of all, @HGTV respected me and gave me a seat at the table as an executive producer along with our amazing production company @51minds." Hopefully, that lucrative partnership continues for the happy couple and the television network as they look ahead to the new season. 

Will Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson be back for Married to Real Estate Season 2?

The biggest selling point of "Married to Real Estate" is the central relationship between the two hosts. As noted in an exclusive interview that Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson did with The List, the show originally came about through their popular "Ask Anything" YouTube series. In fact, bringing their relationship into the fold was something Sherrod wanted to do for years.

"In the past, through my television career, Mike and I were together through all of that, and he would hear me come home, and talk about it, and tell stories, and then he would see it happen on TV, but we were still doing what we do now together, right? In business," she said. "And I was like, God, it would be so good for the world to be able to see this part of our life." Naturally, doing so made them huge hits with HGTV.

On Twitter, users wrote that they love the show, and one even clarified it's a great show altogether, not just a great renovation show. Legendary actor Pam Grier gushed on Twitter, saying, "'Married to Real Estate' TV show with Egypt Sherrod and husband Mike Jackson is excellent and Booya fun. Love their creative [sic] and styles. Gave me more ideals [sic] for the ranchero." 

The pull for Season 2 is Sherrod and Jackson and their undeniable expertise, so fans will be relieved to know that they'll officially be coming back for Season 2 (per Deadline).

Here's what Season 2 of Married to Real Estate could be about

Fans can likely expect to see more of the central couple attempting to juggle their work-life balance in Season 2 of "Married to Real Estate." In an interview with the Atlanta Black Star, Egypt Sherrod explained that their intention with the debut season was to change the narrative surrounding Black people in the industry. 

"We're hoping that everybody watches it and recognizes that it's for everybody, not just one group of people. We also want them to take our expertise and recognize that we are credible in our field," she noted. "We work really, really hard. We've decided to open up our home because we feel like we have something authentic to offer as a family unit that you don't always see."

As Sherrod made clear both in the interview and in her Instagram caption about the previous shows that were pitched to the couple, she didn't want them to be the butt of the joke. "We don't have to be broken to be entertaining and to deserve our place on television," she said. In terms of what Season 2 might bring, during a chat with HGTV, she opined that it could potentially cover "how we actually combine our business and grow into a mega one-stop-shop: real estate, renovation, and design house." 

HGTV's senior vice president of programming and development, Besty Ayala, released a statement detailing how the network feels about the power couple. "Their outlook on life is an inspiration and everyone is excited to see what's next for them in season two," (via Deadline).