24 Best Summer Sneakers For Women

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In olden times, sneakers were worn strictly for athletic endeavors. If you're a sneakerhead, on any level, this notion likely causes immediate angst because there's nothing more sacred than a pristine pair of kicks. But, in the wise words of musician Bob Dylan, "Times they are a-changin'," and sneakers have become a pillar of cultural coolness. So much so that the topic of how sneakers developed cultural cache is studied, discussed, and debated among academics and business analysts alike (via The Conversation, Fast Company). To put that into perspective, Statista's research reflects that the U.S. sneaker business will skyrocket from the 2020 numbers reported $70 billion value to a projected $102 billion in 2025.

$102 billion begs the question, what the what?

But here's the thing. We wear sneakers with just about everything these days — jeans, suits, and even dresses. And we're not alone; YouTuber Emily Mariko's video on how to style sneakers with dresses has 1.1 million views. But it's not just crispy-clean white kicks that are getting their time to shine; fashion house Balenciaga — a favorite of Kim Kardashian — released a series of utterly obliterated sneakers that cost nearly $2,000 (via CNN). The sneakers, which look like they were pulled from the ashes of a dumpster fire, have people debating, with some suggesting you should think twice before buying Balenciaga products.

Well, if your sneaker budget is a smidge smaller, and if you prefer kicks that don't look like a dragon set them ablaze, we're here to help. Summer sneakers are a whole mood, and we've researched the best of the best — from platform converse to the best white sneakers for women!

How we selected summer sneakers

The collection of summer sneakers we're sharing is the result of research that includes 2022 fashion trends, women's summer sneaker favorites, as well as expert advice on what to look for in a summer sneaker. It makes sense that if you're going to live your best life this summer, being comfortable is not optional. In fact, Dr. Timothy Karthas, DPM and podiatry expert at OOFOS shoes, explains that one of the critical factors in comfort is heel stability. For this story, he advised that "...a deep heel cup to hold the heel in position or straps to prevent the heel from shifting is very helpful." So, although you might stray from this advice from time to time, this roundup makes it easy to follow his advice.

In addition to real-life user reviews, social media feedback, and quality ratings, we also consider some shoes are timeless, like platform Converse and classic white sneakers for women.

But, these days, there's more to it than that, according to Julie Kuo, Co-founder, and CEO of AVRELIFE. To help with our summer sneaker research, Kuo's expertise confirmed our natural inclination to include plenty of brands prioritizing sustainability. "The latest trend is showing that fashion and sustainability go hand in hand," says Kuo, who co-founded LA-based shoe brand Avre after years of experience in her parents' footwear line, Qupid, as per Fortune. She goes on to say, "Shoppers are very aware of the impact that fashion has on the environment. They support brands that are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint by using sustainable or recycled materials."

Combining Statista's research with experts' advice, we created a robust list of the best summer sneakers for women. It features plenty of sneakers that are making strides in sustainability and comfort, plus each pair is 100% swoon-worthy and on-trend for summer 2022 (via PureWow, Vogue). It's an extensive list, so we're excited to walk you through it!

Best clean design low tops

Meghanistas are fully aware of the "Meghan effect," but here's the scoop — when Meghan Markle shines a light on a brand, its popularity soars. Take Veja sneakers, for example. The brand, known for its sustainable sneakers, got a juggernaut-level jolt to its bottom line in recent years when the duchess was spotted wearing their kicks. Markle was spotted wearing Vejas on October 21, 2018, and the next day online searches for the brand increased by 133% (via Insider, Lyst).

So, are sustainable sneakers worth the buzz? To answer that with a definitive 'yes' is easy in large part because of the company's supply chain transparency and dedication to practices such as using chrome-free leather, which "undergoes an innovative tanning process during which no hazardous chrome, heavy metals or acids are present." Plus, the brand's nearly 1 million followers on Instagram often log over 10,000 likes each time these Campo sneakers are posted.

The Campo ChromeFree Leather Sneakers are available at Veja for $165.

Materials: ChromeFree leather, Amazonian rubber, rice waste, and other Project Veja resources | Return Policy: 28 Days

Considerations: Due to the brand's popularity, some styles sell out quickly.

Best farmer's market-inspired sneakers

If you want to spend the summer swathed in lighthearted inspiration from the classic Beatle's song "Strawberry Fields Forever," now's your chance. Not only are they summery AF, but customers also rate them highly for comfort, including arch support. "I wore them to a birthday party a week ago," wrote one reviewer, "and when I got home to take them off, it didn't even feel like I had them on all day; they were that comfortable."

The comfort is no surprise, considering Vionic is known for designing shoes that often get the stamp of approval from The APMA, American Podiatric Medical Association. But if strawberries aren't your jam, no worries. The Malibu Slip-On is offered in a bushel of colorways and prints — 33 design options in total. It seems people love comfort and style because Vionic has over 85,000 followers on Instagram and gets regular shout-outs from Oprah and Vogue.

The Malibu Slip-On Sneakers are available at Vionic for $64.95.

Materials: Eco-certified cotton canvas (or waffle knit) | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: Vionic shoes are orthotic, which means the level of foot support might take a week or so to break in.

Amazon's No.1 selling women's fashion sneaker

It's clean, it's a classic, and it's the best-selling women's fashion sneaker on Amazon. This no-frill thrill has over 20,000 reviews, including over 15,000 5-star reviews, which often proclaim their love for these nostalgic must-haves. "These are the Keds I remember from many years ago," said one reviewer, while another shared, "Way more comfortable than I expected, and they go with EVERYTHING."

The brand's social media presence has blossomed to a whopping 429,000 followers, with regular love from the editors at People, PopSugar, and BuzzFeed. Plus, the streamlined design is one of the primary reasons why we can't wait to ditch chunky sneakers in 2022.

The Keds Women's Champion Canvas Sneaker is available on Amazon starting at $25.05.

Materials: Canvas upper, rubber sole| Return Policy: Free returns with Amazon Prime

Considerations: The sneaker has been updated over the years and now has an Ortholite insole for added comfort.

Best colorful pastel sneakers

Ahhh, summer — if you're doing it right, it's filled with fresh watermelon and cotton candy. And you can channel that warm-weather whimsy right down to your toes with these pastel watercolor-inspired kicks. The airy, colorful designs effortlessly float up from the soles to the upper and are even infused right into the complementary laces. It's a unique spin that reflects the designer's perennial goal of always creating something "with no boundaries," as he explained to Jay Shetty in an episode of "On Purpose," which has over 21,000 views.

But the designer strives toward more than one purpose. For each purchase of these Kam Sneakers, a donation is made to The Mental Health Coalition, which works to de-stigmatize emotional health crises. These efforts are also seen throughout the brand's Instagram feed, which has 172,000 followers and offers all the usual fashion-forward eye candy you'd expect, and online love from the folks at Goop, Bazaar, and PopSugar.

The Kam Pastel Sneaker is available at Kenneth Cole for $99.

Materials: Leather upper | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: The Kam sneaker is designed to be a bit streamlined, which is noteworthy if you prefer a chunky sneaker.

Best classic black sneaker for the summer

Need a lift? These classic Converse Chucks have a little platform action, sporting a sole with just over an inch of oomph. Hopefully, you already have a pair of white Chucks, but it's time to diversify. Sometimes festival and concert season requires a darker sneaker — something more forgiving of the dirt and grass stains.

YouTuber Nesci did an unboxing video, and her enthusiasm is contagious, quite frankly. She says, "I'm obsessed — obsessed! If you've been eyeing these shoes, get them." Her video, which has nearly 19,000 views, is also a good reminder that Converse generally runs a little big in terms of sizing. So, if you're ordering these with a particular concert, date, or event in mind, you may want to order two sizes to see which will work best for you. Overall, over 7,000 Amazon reviewers give these platform sneakers a 4.5 out of 5-stars.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Sneakers are available on Amazon starting at $70.

Materials: Canvas upper, rubber sole| Return Policy: Free returns with Amazon Prime

Considerations: Reviewers mention the sneaker sizes tend to run big.

Best metro inspired sneakers

Sneakers with a unique backstory are a sure-fire shortcut for those looking to up their cultural coolness. So, the folks at Hoff made it easy with their Metro Collection. Inspired by international Metro (subway) stops, the design is sleek and boasts a little secret. These, for example, are the Retiros, named for a Metro stop in Madrid that was often featured in the work of cartoonist Antonio Mingote (via CityLife Madrid). The shoe design ushers in the vibrant green and citrus hues used by Mingote in the original works and subsequent subway mural that he painted in 1987.

The brand's Instagram clout is creeping up on 250,000 followers and is well deserved. The social feed is a stunning visual collection of edgy, visual poetry — combining gritty graffiti scenes and luxe-leaning lifestyle vibes with equal ease. The quality and creativity of the Spanish shoe brand yield over 3,000 reviews on Trustpilot and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Retiro Sneaker is available at HOFF for $150.

Materials: Ethically sourced Leather, recycled rubber sole | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: U.S. customers are responsible for the shipping cost for returns.

The sneaker you'll live in all summer

There are three big reasons to love this summer sneaker. First, it's Amazon's No. 1 best-selling product in the Women's Fashion Sneaker category. But then there's also the color — which is officially named "avocado" — and it pairs perfectly with everything, just like its namesake. But if the color isn't quite what you're looking for, no worries because the third reason we love these kicks is variety. It's available in 80 colors and patterns.

Blowfish has more than 77,000 followers on Instagram, and this sneaker boasts 19,700 reviews on Amazon, with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Among the reviews, customers highlight that the sneakers are "super cute" and "true to size," which are critical factors in the buying decision. Overall, 80% of reviews are 5-star ratings and include comments such as, "They are probably some of the more comfortable shoes I own. Buy them cause they are really cute!" Additionally, the shoes are comparable to other best-sellers, according to one reviewer who mentioned that "[she] usually wears converse." She goes on to explain that "these provide better support than chucks. But if you like chucks, vans, you'll like these!"

Lastly, Zappos featured the Blowfish Play sneaker in a review post and gave it an enthusiastic thumb's up for its easy slip-on design. So, it's obviously a shoo-in for this best-of sneakers roundup.

The Blowfish Malibu Play Sneaker is available on Amazon starting at $14.81.

Materials: Canvas, rubber | Return Policy: Free returns with Amazon Prime

Considerations: A few of the more critical reviews mention a snug fit.

Best espadrille sneaker hybrid

Skechers is now the cool kid in the neighborhood. So much so that the brand has partnered with Martha Stewart, Brooke Burke, Tony Romo, Chesca, and even country music legend Willie Nelson, whose Skechers commercial has been viewed 323,000 times on YouTube. The brand, known for its athleisure footwear, also boosted its athletic credibility, per Forbes, especially after signing famed runner Meb Keflezighi. But Skechers didn't stop there.

The brand's extensive line of comfortable, stylish shoes now also includes a BOBS partnership. For every purchase of these comfy, summery sneakers, the brand donates giveback to animal-related charities. In addition, these open weave espadrille-style sneakers are vegan, machine washable, and well-liked on the brand's Instagram page, which has over 800,000 followers.

The BOBS Sesame sneaker is available on the Skechers website for $72.

Materials: Open-weave knit | Return Policy: 45 Days

Considerations: The open weave upper is breathable but might be a challenge in dusty or beachy scenarios.

Best sustainable flower accent court sneakers

We're swooning over this classic court sneaker, which also happens to be an eco-friendly option. Reformation is known for its sustainable approach to fashion, so much so that Forbes has featured the brand, and its Instagram tagline is, "Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2." Among the 1.8 million followers, you'll find Drew Barrymore, Harper's Bazaar, and sustainability hubs like TerraCycle.

The Harlow Sneaker is "made to be remade," using materials that are all recyclable. It's offered in five color ways, but we're partial to the unique blue flower accents, which add a little something special to pretty much any look. Plus, bonus points for responsiveness. One Instagram follower asked about sustainability details. The brand replied without skipping a beat. "All the materials from our shoes are separated into second-life products. Our outsoles will be incorporated into future outsoles. We are working on integrating everything else back into our shoe supply chain in the near future, and those items that aren't immediately going back into footwear will make their way into foam mats and fill."

The Harlow Leather Sneaker is available at Reformation for $128.

Materials: Chrome and heavy-metal-free tanned leather | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: The brand's website does not include user reviews.

Best unexpected detailing

If you're in the market for retro, cue up these throwbacks. New Balance gives a wink to the early days of running shoes with these chill athleisure kicks, which are available in five color ways. The design features a super-slick minimalist vibe and a super cool rubber sole that extends over the toe with an asymmetric tip.

Reviewers rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and one customer said, "I wanted an everyday shoe that I could do basically anything in but had a modern and stylish look. This shoe nailed it in both design and comfort. I would buy these shoes a million times over." With loyalty like that, it's no wonder that New Balance has a massive online following with 6.5 million Instagram followers and 126,000 YouTube subscribers. And some of their videos, like this one, have over 47 million views!

The 237V1 Sneaker is available at New Balance for $74.99.

Materials: Suede and mesh upper, EVA midsole | Return Policy: 45 Days

Considerations: Sizing is unisex, and customer feedback suggests a thorough review of the size chart to ensure proper fit.

Best sustainable unisex sneaker

Well, of course, Sanuk snook in here with a comfy, unisex kick! The sole of this sneaker is like walking on an ergonomically correct marshmallow, folks — perfection. In this case, the materials are earth-friendly. So, it's a good fit for everyone, including Mother Nature.

One customer said, "I've been buying Sanuks for almost a decade now. No joke, these things are the most comfortable shoes I've ever put on." That makes sense considering the brand prioritizes comfort, style, and eco-efforts, featuring these on Instagram for Global Recycling Day. And, as sustainable fashion expert Alden Wicker explained to Well + Good, "Really the best thing is just to buy sneakers that you're going to wear all the time — so, pick a pair that you really like and that are comfortable and go with a lot of different outfits."

The Nopal Sustainasole is available at Sanuk for $75.

Materials: Recycled, undyed cotton/PET + repurposed/recycled materials | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: These sneakers have just four reviews so far.

Best oceans vibes slip on sneaker

This sneaker's got a low-key dip-dyed vibe that's a shoo-in for the top spot in your sneaker rotation. It ranks among the top 50 of Amazon's women's loafers and slip-ons category, plus it has over 3,000 reviews. With the tie-dye trend still going strong, according to Insider, you can't go wrong with these go-with-everything slip-ons.

Reviewers often comment on the level of quality, mentioning the sneakers are a great value at a reasonable price point. "I cannot believe the quality and fit of these shoes for the price," said one reviewer who also mentioned that "They look and fit as well as the expensive ones."

The Slip-On Canvas Sneaker is available on Amazon, starting at $14.44.

Materials: Canvas, rubber | Return Policy: Free returns with Amazon Prime

Considerations: Among the critical reviews, the top complaint was sizing. So, be sure to review the size chart to ensure an optimal fit.

Best sneakers for the retro gamer

Cariuma's Atari-themed kicks have a whopping 8,000+ reviews and a 4.85 rating on the brand's website. And it's not just the retro-gamer theme that has folks swooning. Review titles make bold statements such as, "Most comfortable sneaker I've ever worn," and "best sneakers I've owned!" One fan goes on to say, "Literally like I imagine walking on a cloud would feel, and they go with everything."

Cariuma's styles and eco-friendly efforts are often featured by Fast Company, US Weekly, Fortune Magazine, and other top media outlets on Instagram. Add to this Vogue's reminder that video games often inspire fashion, and we'd say this sneaker is pixel-perfect!

The Atari Red Canvas Sneaker is available at Cariuma for $89.

Materials: Canvas, rubber | Return Policy: 60 Days

Considerations: Although only 11% of the reviews are below 5-stars, the website does not have one-click access to those reviews.

Best odor-resistant sneakers

We spotted our beloved fashion guru, Tan France from "Queer Eye," rocking these slick kicks, and we stopped in our tracks to check them out. France, who also co-hosts "Next in Fashion," partnered with the Pakistani-owned shoe brand in 2021, according to The Express Tribune. And, as it turns out, there's so much to love, especially the fact that they're legit fresh. Yes! They're stink-proof, thanks to the copper threads secretly woven into the inner shoes!

The 4.7-star rated sneakers are known for their extreme comfort, minimalist look, and well-researched design. And Hypebeast reports that these details make it a go-to sneaker for innovation aficionados, like folks in the tech industry. But the sneakers' appeal reaches beyond celebrity and tech-industry fans. It's common to find enthusiastic Instagram reviews like this one that says, "The design, quality, and comfort- it's very rare to find all three together. I have found my unicorn shoes!"

The Model 000 Sneaker is available at Atoms for $129.

Materials: recycled TPU-coated yarn, proprietary foam, rubber | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: The brand has suspended the popular "Home Try-On" program, which allowed customers to test out and mix and match different sizes for a more customized fit.

Best velcro sneakers for women

If summer sunshine is on your mood board, you can quickly achieve the goal with Gola. These velcro strap sneakers offer a modern-day refresh on a retro classic. Plus, their vegan. Yup, we want a pair in every color too!

Gola bills itself as "the original British sports brand" and has nearly 27,000 followers on Instagram, where it also gets lots of love from Grazia. When you combine the fanfare with the fact that Stylecaster reports velcro is undeniably in vogue, these kicks are the burst of sunshine you need to solar power your summer.

The Vegan Gola Classics Women's Coaster Strap is available at Gola for $70.

Materials: Canvas upper, hook and loop fastening | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: The brand does not have reviews on its website.

Best go with everything color block high-tops

If you feel like the Madewell brand is a whole mood, you're not alone. The brand has over 100 public playlists and nearly 14,000 followers on its Spotify profile. And these color block high-tops are basically the physical manifestation of the brand's signature Madewell Mixtape playlists. So, your summer look just got a chill upgrade.

Madewell took one of their best-sellers, the Court High-tops, and gave it a neutral pastel color way, which pairs easily with everything from shorts to dresses. If you need a little extra inspiration, check out social media. The brand is an Instagram favorite with 1.4 million followers and features a lifestyle approach within its feed with style tips and music, book, and even recipe suggestions.

The Court High-Top Sneakers in Colorblock are available at Madewell for $99.99.

Materials: Gold-level rated sustainable leather, nubuck, suede lining | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: Be aware that an "H" associated with the sneaker's size indicates half-sizes.

Best over-the-top summer wedge sneaker

If you could somehow channel the over-the-top bling-bling beauty of a 1970s disco ball while also serving up an eclectic sporty aesthetic, you'd do it in a heartbeat. Well, now you can — and the best news is these sequined wedge wonders are less than $60. So, if you want to take the re-emerging disco-ball trend to the streets, now you can accomplish that on a budget.

Rock these leg-lengthening kicks with everything from shorts, skirts, jeans, and beyond. Plus, the reviews from real-life customers highlight comfort as well, so just take all our money. "I LOVE these shoes," shared one reviewer, "They're so easy to put on and didn't hurt my feet at all! I have plantar, and it really felt like walking on a marshmallow." Overall, the sneakers are rated 4.3 out of 5-stars.

The Mei MACLEOD Women's Wedge Sneakers are available on Amazon, starting at $53.99.

Materials: Synthetic leather, rubber soles | Return Policy: Free returns with Amazon Prime

Considerations: The production involves hands-on aspects, and a few reviews mention pen marks. The manufacturer includes this information, "Because of the production process, if there are pen lines markings on the shoes upper, please blow them with hot air 1 minute with a hairdryer and the pen lines will disappear. If you have any size problem or just don't like them after you receive our wedge trainers, please feel free to contact with us to exchange or return."

The summer Adidas you didn't know you needed

The trend-watchers at Hypebae have delivered a summer missive: sneaker embellishments or bust. So, it's the perfect excuse to grab these beaded beauties from Adidas.

The brand is a mega-giant in the sneaker realm, with 2.7 million TikTok followers and a mind-blowing 26.3 million followers on Instagram. The brand's rise to fame started in the 1930s and has long been associated with hip hop, which most people attribute to Run-DMC's 1986 song "My Adidas." Remix compilations of the video are still popular, like this YouTube version, which has 3.4 million views. So, whether you're into the trendy DIY-bedazzled look or just want to rock a classic with a fresh spin, you can't go wrong with the Grand Court Alphas.

The Grand Court Alpha Sneaker is available at DSW for $69.99.

Materials: Leather upper, rubber sole | Return Policy: 90 Days

Considerations: There's a fee for return shipping, except for DSW VIP Gold and DSW VIP Elite members.

Best raw edge low-top sneaker

Sometimes fashion zigs, and other times it zags, but these zig-zag stitched low-top sneakers have you covered either way. We love a raw edge sneaker for the summer; it's got that casual-cool mood we can't get enough of while making sun-drenched memories.

These kicks are laced with a knotted finish so that you can slip them on and off with zero effort. Plus, they're offered in over 20 patterns and colors — all for under $25. Customers often comment on the "value" and "good quality." And among the 2,500+ 5-star reviews, one person chimed in to applaud the comfort, saying, "I wore them from morning until night time while walking all over LA." She also mentioned that she was curious about quality, considering the lower cost. After wearing them, however, she was delighted, "So far, they have exceeded my expectations."

The Obtaom Women's Canvas Slip-On Sneakers are available on Amazon starting at $16.01.

Materials: Cotton upper, rubber soles | Return Policy: Free returns with Amazon Prime

Considerations: These low-top sneakers are currently available in whole sizes only.

Best wearable cartoon art sneakers

Fresh from Desigual's new collection, these are the it sneakers to get in on the cartoon sneaker trend that keeps popping up in online reports like Hypebeast.

With a cool million followers on Instagram, Desigual knows a thing or two about creating a signature look. It's known for unique patterns and bold color statements, like this look that was featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan. In addition, the brand gets a lot of press for its collaborations. Take, for example, Vogue's coverage of the brand's partnership with Stella Jean, a Haitian-Italian designer known for her multicultural approach.

Along those lines, cartoon-wear and all things Disney are always a pop-culture favorite. These kicks have a nice fat sole, and the Mickey Mouse design bleeds down for a continuous, uninterrupted visual.

The Mickey Mouse Sneaker is available at Desigual for $145.95.

Materials: Polyurethane, leather, polyester, rubber | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: Desigual's Mickey Mouse Collection is a limited-edition line.

Best stretch-knit sneaker

Do not underestimate the potential of a pale blush hue, and this flex-knit sneaker is no exception. Its super-hero power is its versatility, taking you through workouts, shopping sessions, and casual outings in total comfort.

The brand — known for its earth-friendly materials — has over 17,000 followers on Instagram, including Olivia Munn. And it's no surprise, especially considering these sneakers have that effortless no-tie vibe that we all just need some days. Along those lines, the divided sole allows the shoe to better support the foot's natural movements. So, these blush beauties can go the distance while delivering on their eco-friendly goals.

The Infinity Glide Blush and White Sneakers are available at AVRE for $145.

Materials: Repurposed plastic bottles (PET) | Return Policy: 30 Days

Considerations: Shoes must be in new, unworn condition to qualify for free returns or may be subject to a 40% restocking fee.

Best ultra-comfortable slip-on travel sneakers

Well, this is brilliant. The folks at UIN decided to blend a Croc-like shoe with a sneaker — and the result? A ridiculously comfortable work of art.

First of all, there are over 40 designs that the brand's artists create in Spain. The sneaker-shoe's signature style delivers a hand-painted look, with oodles of color and detail. If statistics are your thing, there's more good news. The sneaker is rated at 4.3 stars, has over 8,000 5-star reviews, and boasts the No. 16 spot in Amazon's loafers and slip-on category, plus ranks within the top 75 women's fashion sneakers. The slip-on hybrid-style sneakers have a super flexible, non-slip sole and are perfect for everyday wear and travel.

The brand has over 384,000 followers on Instagram, where you can also check out their recent collaboration with London's Gallery.

The UIN Women's Fashion Floral Art Sneaker is available on Amazon for $120.

Materials: Breathable EVA & rubber outsole | Return Policy: Free returns with Amazon Prime

Considerations: The shoe is designed to be flexible and very lightweight.

Best old school high tops

Long before the slogan "just do it" came along, the folks at P.F. Flyers coined the tagline "run faster and jump higher." That was back in 1937 when the brand — which stands for Posture Foundation — designed the first insole specifically for athletes.

Fast forward, and the brand is relaunching under the expert eye of sneaker industry veteran Kassia Davis who plans to expand the female-centric elements of the sneaker industry, as per PR Newswire. "During my 10+ years in the sneaker industry, I learned that there were very few women in positions of leadership for me to look up to," she says. "I have always seen the tremendous potential for the P.F. Flyers brand and look forward to relaunching this true American classic."

The Unisex Center Hi Sneaker is available at P.F. Flyers for $78.

Materials: Duck canvas, molded rubber | Return Policy: 30 Days 

Considerations: The brand's social media followers express high demand for styles that are currently out of stock.

Best recovery sneaker

Aside from the occasional pedicure, we rarely treat our feet to the rest and rejuvenation they deserve. So, cue these camo-kicks, designed to absorb better the repetitive impact that our poor feet endure. Plus, they're cute as hell.

Real-life customers rate them a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and most review titles feature the word "love" or "comfort." In other words, people absolutely adore these sneakers. Created to be a recovery shoe, the brand's Instagram feed — which has 74,000 followers — is a fun mix of images of how well-loved the shoes are by everyone from athletes, nurses, and even Jennifer Lawrence!

The Oomg Eezee Recovery Sneaker is available at OOFOS for $139.95.

Materials: Not Listed | Return Policy: 30 Days 

Considerations: The sole of the shoe is intentionally curved.