The Truth About The Hallmark Channel's Jessica Lowndes

If you've seen a Hallmark movie lately, chances are you know Jessica Lowndes' beautiful face. But her work on the channel is likely not the first time you've seen the star, who was born Jessica Suzanne Lowndes in November of 1988 in Vancouver, Canada, according to her website. That's because the multi-talented Hollywood insider has been working in the business since 2005, when spur-of-the-moment, she decided to audition for a movie — although she didn't get the part (via IMDb).

Showing that rejection only serves as inspiration for Lowndes, she persevered and soon went on to land the role of Mandi on the TV show "Greek." Missed that turn? Then you likely know the actress from "90210," on which she played Adrianna Tate-Duncan beside the likes of original series regulars Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth.

But "90210" was just the beginning of Lowndes' career, which many people may not know has expanded to see the star doing so much more than acting. In fact, Lowndes is a singer, songwriter, producer, director, script writer and, yes, a renowned prankster.

Jessica Lowndes' career has come full circle

Starring on "90210" would really launch Jessica Lowndes' career. About her dramatic turn on the show, the star told the Boston Herald in 2009, "Adrianna is constantly searching for that happy ending and it's nowhere in sight. It's emotionally draining because my eyes are puffy every day of my life, but it's so rewarding." She added that she felt very proud of her work on the show.

After wrapping "90210," Lowndes went on to memorably appear on "Hawaii Five-0" and "A Deadly Adoption." And yes, she has starred in half a dozen Hallmark TV movies. The Canada native started her partnership with the Hallmark Channel in 2015 (via Country Living). Perhaps you saw "Rediscovering Christmas" or "Christmas at Pemberley Manor?"

But Lowndes' crowning achievement with Hallmark thus far is of course "Harmony from the Heart" because this movie is, well, straight from the actress' heart and nothing if not a labor of love.

Jessica Lowndes did everything on her latest Hallmark movie

Not only is Jessica Lowndes an actress, but she is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and piano player, with 20 original songs, some of which have appeared in her shows and movies, to her name. It was her musical experience that led Lowndes to write "Harmony from the Heart," starring Jesse Metcalfe.

As she told Digital Journal in February of 2022, "A couple of years ago, I tested for pilots and wound up not booking them so I forced myself to write every night for an hour." The first script the actress wrote was "Harmony from the Heart." And indeed, her passion for music came through in this script, with the star also noting that in researching for the film, she was "blown away" by evidence of music's therapeutic effect.

"It was the first time I wrote 'The End' on a blank document," she also told The List in an exclusive interview.

The success of the movie has yielded a huge deal for Lowndes — but more on that in a minute. First, it's worth noting that perhaps the star's biggest accomplishment in the public sphere started as just a silly joke.

Jessica Lowndes almost married Jon Lovitz...kind of

In 2016, Jessica Lowndes, then 27, and Jon Lovitz, then 58, were in love. Okay, not really, because the engagement between the Hallmark star and the comedian was actually just an elaborate prank that catapulted Lowndes to fame. "I came up with the idea," Lowndes, who met the "SNL" alum while shooting the TV show "Hawaii Five-0," told EW, adding, "I thought maybe it would get some traction but I wasn't expecting it to blow up like this."

The unlikely romance played out on Instagram and Twitter, with a series of posts including a video of the star in bed while Lovitz chats in the background. The prank was inspired by Lowndes' interest in letting her fans get to know another side of her, with the actress explaining, "I wanted to show people I'm a goofball and I wanted to come up with a funny way to entertain my fans."

But maybe the gag went to far, as Lowndes also said, "I was shocked by the people in my life who believed me and were congratulating me. I thought people were going to know it was a joke but no one did."

The singer eventually revealed the entire relationship, including the gorgeous ring she showed off in one Instagram image, was a prank just before April Fool's Day that year (via Daily Mail). "It was a picture from Google," the star admitted to ET.

Jessica Lowndes does have a real love life — not that she's talking about it

So who has Jessica Lowndes really dated? It's been noted that the actress prefers to keep her personal life private, but one high-profile romance we know about is between the musician and "Breaking Bad" actor Aaron Paul.

The two were linked back in 2009 when Lowndes was only 20 years old (via Just Jared). They reportedly split after a year together, and Paul went on to wed actress Lauren Parsekian in 2013 (via The U.S. Sun). The Hallmark star dated a few athletes after breaking up with the "Breaking Bad" alum, including British rugby player Thom Evans, who at one point said the Canadian checked all of his boxes, and Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom.

Us Weekly reported that Bloom and Lowndes ended their romance in 2013, the same year she split with Evans, and since that time, it seems the writer and producer has managed to keep her love life largely under wraps — although the star did share an Instagram video of herself and a mystery man ziplining together in 2022. Another image she shared in February of the couple on the beach in Costa Rica revealed that her beau is named Marc Jordan, but he has a private Instagram account and does not seem to be a public figure.

The future is bright for Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes, who is passionate about raising money for Multiple Sclerosis research, isn't slowing down anytime soon, having signed a deal with GAC Family, which owns Hallmark Channel, in February of 2022 (via Deadline). The star is set to write, produce and direct multiple projects.

Lowndes has previously spoken about GAC President & CEO, with whom she signed the new deal, telling Hollywood Life the same month, "I'm also grateful for Bill Abbott because for so many years when I was at Hallmark he gave me my first shot as a writer." She added Abbott really believed in her, and noted that in addition to writing songs, directing is "another huge dream" of hers.

Speaking of dreams, the actress counts Walt Disney as a source of inspiration, quoting him in an interview with Digital Journal, saying, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." According to Celebrity Net Worth, the "90210" actress is already seemingly living the dream, with a net worth of $6 million.