If You're An Enneagram Type 6, This Cocktail Is A Must-Try

An Enneagram number is used to determine your personality type, but it goes deeper than simply focusing on things like your sense of humor or your level of shyness. Instead, your Enneagram type will help you understand how you see the world and how your biggest fears and biggest motivators affect the way you live your life (via Truity).

To determine your Enneagram, you can take an online test that asks you to answer questions based on how much they relate to you. These questions include things like "I work hard to be helpful to others," "I feel my emotions very deeply," and "I let other people make the decisions." When you finish, you'll be given an Enneagram number. If that number is six, you're considered The Loyalist and are characterized by being committed, "engaging, responsible, and anxious" (per The Enneagram Institute).

If you crave safety and support and are often praised for being a friend others can count on, you're probably an Enneagram type six. If so, here's the cocktail you have to try that best suits your personality and preferences.

Enneagram type six will love something fruity

As someone with a lot of anxious energy, a fruity and refreshing cocktail is sure to calm your nerves if you're an Enneagram six. Inspired by This recommends an Aperol Spritz — which consists of Aperol, prosecco, and club soda (per Glass of Bubbly) — for type sixes. This fruity cocktail is often the go-to for large gatherings, and as a social person, you're sure to gravitate toward it as well. Plus, every time you go to the bar and order an Aperol Spritz, it will taste exactly the same, so there's no need for stress, which makes it a win-win. Just remember, when you drink Aperol Spritzes every night, there may be some unpleasant side effects, so be sure to enjoy this drink in moderation.

Enneagram Playground also suggests sangria as the perfect drink of choice for a type six. According to the outlet, sixes hate being by themselves, and since sangria is often served in a large carafe or bowl, it's the ultimate sharing cocktail. If you want to keep it simple, though, order a champagne cocktail instead. The simplicity of this drink is appealing to a type six who craves security in their life, while the bubbles and fruity twist from the inclusion of orange or lavender bitters gives into your fun, friendly side.

Other food and drink options for the Enneagram type six

If you're an Enneagram type six, you'll probably want to enjoy your Aperol Spritz at a lively bar with a wide range of your closest friends. However, even with your loyal personality, you still crave security, which can sometimes only be found in a bowl of ice cream. According to Spoon University, the best snack for an Enneagram type six is "a pint of ice cream." Even though you're a great friend and enjoy being a trustworthy companion to all, your anxiety can sometimes get the best of you. If you're having an anxious day, consider skipping the spritz and instead, staying home with a pint of Chunky Monkey.

Staying home, or opting for something non-alcoholic, may actually be in your best interest. According to Dietnosis, Enneagram type sixes are often surrounded by alcohol due to their friendly demeanor, but should be careful of the amount they consume as it can take away their sense of caution. This can be scary for people who are constantly seeking security. If you aren't into drinking, or taking a hiatus from your social life, Daily Life suggests trying Assam tea, which is a full-bodied black tea that offers mental clarity due to the caffeine (via VeryWellFit). 

Whether you're planning a night out with a large group or choosing to stay in with a few close friends, you can't go wrong with these options that are pretty much perfect for an Enneagram type six.