Kate Middleton's First Public Appearance After The Queen's Jubilee Has Twitter Talking

In 2002, Kate Middleton walked the runway in a college fashion show at St. Andrews University wearing a sheer dress, and that was allegedly the moment when Prince William went from seeing her as just a friend, per People. Since sharing the news of their engagement in 2010, the couple has pretty much stayed in the public eye. Their wedding was a major event that attracted 72 million viewers on YouTube, per Vanity Fair. As public figures and working members of the royal family, they're at any number of events. Just in recent months, the couple attended the London premier of "Top Gun: Maverick" (via Vogue), embarked on an admittedly complicated tour of the Caribbean, and their youngest son Prince Louis made headlines for his antics at the Platinum Jubilee.

In the early years as the wife of the third in line to the throne, Kate didn't often speak publicly at events, via Vogue. But she has more than come into her own over the years. In 2018, she took on her first solo project focused on helping disadvantaged children, per the Daily Mail. She recently launched The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, which aims to "drive awareness of and action on the extraordinary impact of the early years, in order to transform society for generations to come." 

Many of her royal engagements are focused on young childhood initiatives, including her first outing after the Platinum Jubilee.

Kate Middleton visited a London children's charity

Kate Middleton made helping kids the focus of her work as a member of the royal family. On a solo trip a few days after the excitement of the Platinum Jubilee, Kate visited Little Village in North London, per Hello!. Little Village is a "baby bank" — like a food bank but for baby stuff — where those in need can also get support services. While there, Kate put together the charity's 20,000th package, per People.

People on Twitter loved her for it. One referred to her as "THE children's princess," a play on Princess Diana's nickname "the people's princess" (via CNN) They weren't the only one noting a connection between Kate and Diana. Another user tweeted about how comfortable people seemed to be around her. "I love how she greets everyone like a best friend she hasn't seen in a while," they wrote. One of the Little Village volunteers seemed to confirm that. "She was lovely and engaging and was keen to hear about how families feel when they visit our baby bank," they told People.

Others were impressed by how put together and elegant Kate looked. One noted that Kate looked "like an actual model." The way that she held her composure when wind blew her long hair across her face brought up envy for one person, who tweeted, "Mmm why don't I look this good when the wind blows my hair out? Is really unfair".