How The June 14 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

Known as the "Strawberry Moon," the upcoming full moon on Jun 14, 2022, is destined to bring a lot of new developments (per Bustle). Traditionally, the June full moon is called the "Strawberry Moon" as it typically marks the start of the harvest season for strawberries, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Per Bustle, this full moon is extra special as it will also be a supermoon — meaning it will appear larger than how the moon typically looks from our vantage point. The "Strawberry Moon" will be in Sagittarius, which brings a vibe of spontaneity and optimism. However, Allure reports that it's also a time when people tend to speak with fewer inhibitions and act more impulsively. So it's important to tread carefully during this full moon period and watch your words intently to avoid potential misunderstandings and conflicts.

Taking this time out to cool down and de-stress by taking a long, soothing bath is highly recommended for everyone.

Channel your inner peace to guide your social circle

Aquarius — you probably are known to be the cool, calm, and collected one among your social circles. Your ability to remain rational and reasonable when faced with conflict will come especially in handy, considering the chaos the full moon in Sagittarius can bring, per Bustle. As tensions rise among your friends during the full moon, they will seek your guidance and mediation skills. Your sign represents the "water-bearer" and in the event of conflicts involving intense personalities and controversial opinions, your guidance and support will be like the cooling water that soothes heated discussions.

This is also a great time to look inward and channel your natural gift of creativity to help you figure out how to reach your 2022 goals. Astrologer Imani Rae told PopSugar, "Creative ideas will flow to you naturally," Rae said. "This is a good time to keep a dream journal and pay attention to your inner dialogue. It's time to manifest your dreams into reality."

Balance your schedule and set aside time with friends

Per YourTango, Aquarians like to balance their time between socializing with their close friends and having their own space to recharge and decompress. Use this time to reconnect with your old friends, who may have lost touch with you, as recommended by RUSSH. If possible, try to meet up with one of your good friends to have a nice heart-to-heart chat about life.

With so many current events happening right now, it's totally understandable if you're feeling lots of emotions (via Scientific American). According to Well + Good, Aquarians tend to be humanitarians and seek to improve social conditions in any way they can. Luckily, this full moon period in Sagittarius is the perfect time to delve deep into your feelings in the present moment and how your aspirations for a better world can manifest into reality (via RUSSH). Remember to go with your gut and not over-analyze your thoughts, per The Sun. Don't hold back Aquarius! Go out and show the world the fierce, independent, and imaginative person that you are.