Moriah Plath's Latest Post About Her Family Has Fans Seriously Confused

Moriah Plath has been fighting for her independence for a while now, especially after moving out of the family home alongside brother Micah Plath. As Showbiz CheatSheet notes, the strong-minded teens were sick and tired of Kim and Barry Plath's incredibly strict rules. 

During the Season 2 premiere of "Welcome to Plathville," Micah explained how he and his parents "came to a mutual agreement for me to move out," while Moriah acknowledged that she was "starving for freedom" and ultimately opted to go with him.

"They tried to control literally everything," the aspiring singer explained. "What we ate, what we wore." She added: "I'm sure my parents meant well by raising us the way that they did, but I just felt like an outsider in the real world." 

Since moving out, Moriah has experimented with all kinds of different things, frequently sharing the results with delighted fans on social media. For instance, she showed off her purple hair and wrist tattoo on Instagram, noting that she was "on the road to becoming who I'm meant to be." 

Moriah has also been learning to dance and taking more risks with her clothing choices. The reality star's latest endeavor, however, has left fans slightly flummoxed.

Is Moriah Plath planning to write a book or not?

Moriah Plath has left fans scratching their heads after apparently making an announcement about writing a tell-all book and then taking it back in the next breath. 

The reality star posted a slideshow of images to Instagram alongside a lengthy caption in which she promoted the new season of "Welcome to Plathville" while acknowledging "every family's got their drama." Moriah also reiterated that she's still finding herself. 

The most telling moment came at the end of her post, though, where Moriah quipped, "Anyway. I'm done writing my book lol! Thank you all for following along and supporting me/us! I love and appreciate you very much!" However, she quickly added: *I'm not writing a book not qualified, with too little life experience haha! But if I did it would just be sh*t talking my sibling. So yeah, they won't let me." 

Fans congratulated and encouraged Moriah in the comments, leading her to clarify that she's not, in fact, working on anything. The "Welcome to Plathville" star responded, "sorry but that was kind of a joke cause i wrote such a long caption idk what I'd write a whole book about... maybe just stories about my siblings."

Moriah doesn't really need to write a book, though, since she pours her heart into songwriting. As People noted at the time, when she released her debut single, "Missed Myself," in January 2022, fans quickly realized it was about Moriah's breakup from boyfriend Max Kallschmidt.