The Real Reason Moriah Plath's Boyfriend Called It Off

Moriah Plath is going through some massive changes. The 18-year-old Welcome to Plathville star has moved out of the family home, away from her domineering parents, and is pursuing music, modeling, and her own happiness. To that end, Plath went on her very first date just a short while ago, admitting she couldn't even put into words how she was feeling (via YouTube). The teen later shared with producers that her date, Max Kallschmidt, made her feel comfortable even though Plath was nervous about detailing her past for him.

Although Plath was clearly apprehensive about getting into her first real relationship, she confessed to producers that she'd never felt about a boy the way she did about Kallschmidt. Plath admitted she was scared about taking a chance but also excited to see where things went. Unfortunately, things didn't work out and their fledgling relationship ended after just a couple months.

Moriah Plath had trouble opening up to her boyfriend

On the most recent episode of Welcome to Plathville, the aspiring musician admitted she finds it tough to open up to people, even those closest to her (via YouTube). When her boyfriend pushed for more honesty and communication, Plath admitted to producers that she hasn't been as busy as she's been letting on. Rather, she's trying not to deal with the emotions that have been bubbling up since she moved out.

Later, during an awkward lakeside chat, Kallschmidt shared on the show that, although he really likes Plath, he also feels they aren't compatible. Kallschmidt explained that Plath has severe communication issues, and he feels as though he's been putting in more effort overall than she has. He acknowledged it likely has a lot to do with how she was raised, but argued that every time they've tried to fix it, Plath has shut down. Ultimately, Kallschmidt felt the relationship had to end.

The Welcome to Plathville star wasn't ready for a relationship

Plath acknowledged that she was losing one of the best things that had ever happened to her. On social media, she shared video highlights of their relationship, noting, "This was truly my best friend, the best 2 months of my life and I thought it would last forever" (via Instagram). The Welcome to Plathville star added, "I was struggling alone and didn't want help ... wasn't opening up ... and little did I know that was tearing us apart." In her caption, Plath admitted she needed to work on herself.

Kallschmidt, meanwhile, posted a shot of himself looking pensive and admitted, "Sometimes you have to do the hard thing for the right reason. I won't be taken for granted. I won't be the only one continuously putting in effort." However, he also acknowledged, "I let my insecurities shine through, couldn't communicate to make it work out and I just ended something potentially beautiful." The college student revealed they are remaining friends and expressed hope for the future, suggesting all is not lost.