What Does It Mean When You Dream About Skydiving?

Dreaming is a fascinating process. So many things take place when you are dreaming. For starters, when you reach REM sleep, your heart rate and breathing change, and muscle tone decreases in order to keep you from getting hurt while having wild dreams (via Cleveland Clinic).

If you're like most people, you can remember having dreams every now and then. We've all had those stress dreams where you're walking around in public naked, being chased, or encountering a romantic situation.

Famous psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung believe dreams have a deeper meaning (via Healthline). Sometimes that's easy to see, especially when you dream of something that you've been grappling with. However it doesn't quite explain those random dreams when you're standing in a supermarket aisle dressed as a tiger and making mac and cheese, while curing cancer with your childhood friend, Ida.

Still, many people do have the same kinds of dreams, and one of the most common ones is dreaming that you're skydiving.

Skydiving represents excitement and you may be lacking it

Everyday dreams which are things you might do in real life usually help work out something in your head (via HuffPost). When you think of skydiving, most people would likely think of the risk involved. After all, jumping out of a plane is not without sufficient risk. If you're a veteran skydiver and you dream about engaging in the sport, you simply may just be enjoying the memory of the moment you've free fallen in the past.

However, if you've never skydived but would like to, you may be looking for some excitement in your life. Maybe you're stuck in a rut or have become complacent with your life and you are seeking out some new and exciting experiences.

According to The Symbolism, your sleepy brain may be telling you that now is the time to take a risk and get yourself out of the stagnant situation you find yourself in — whether that's a soul crushing job, a relationship that isn't working, or even a town or city you no longer enjoy.

Many symbols taken from skydiving dreams

In addition to a thirst for adventure, skydiving is quite symbolic and dreaming about it can take on many meanings. On the flip side of excitement, you may be in a situation where you are feeling a lot of fear or as though you're in danger over a situation in your life. By dreaming about skydiving, you're essentially trying to work out that fear in your mind, according to The Symbolism. You may want to make a big move, but the risk is what's scaring you. Times Now suggests that if you find yourself holding a parachute while skydiving, this could mean you really need or value your safety and having a backup plan before jumping out of the plane — aka making your big move — is necessary.

On the other hand, you may feel an immense need for freedom. Dreaming about flying through the air symbolizes a need to break free from constraints. Another interpretation, according to The Symbolism, is that if you're tandem skydiving in your dream, you may need to work on trust. Perhaps you have trust issues with someone in your life and need to rely on them more or just wish you could. While these are all common interpretations of skydiving in your dream, you won't really know how it relates to you until you reflect on what's been going on in your life.