How The June 14 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Libra

Those who follow astrology know that a full moon can be a powerful time for many members of the zodiac. With the full moon on June 14 right around the corner, there is plenty to know about this lunation. This month's full moon falls under the sign of Sagittarius, which is said to bring a more optimistic view to life, per Astro Style. This lunar event has been nicknamed the Strawberry Moon due to the ripening of the berries across the Northern Hemisphere (via Allure). Astrologers The Astro Twins reveal that there are many ways to harness the energy from this lunation such as stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new and exciting, grounding yourself in nature, and spending time with the people you love the most

According to Well + Good, this month's full moon in Sagittarius may also bring some very important information to your attention, and reveal truths that have been hidden, whether good or bad. A shift in your mindset may also happen during this time, as this new information comes to light.

If you're a Libra, the full moon is the right time to set intentions and focus on your manifestations.

The full moon is the ideal time for Libra to practice self-care

If your zodiac sign is Libra (born between September 23 and October 22), the full moon on June 14 will be an ideal time for you to practice some extensive self-care (via PopSugar). This could mean booking a vacation, taking a weekend (or longer) to clean up your living space, binging your favorite TV series, or reading a book (don't now what book to read? Here's some book suggestions for you, Libra). Do what makes your heart happy, relaxes your body, and feeds your soul during this time.

Activities such as a bubble bath, soothing face mask, or just getting some extra sleep may also help to refresh and recharge you during this time. In addition, setting intentions and working towards manifesting those goals and dreams will also be beneficial to you during this time. "You do not have to do what everyone wants," astrologer Imani Rae tells the outlet about Libra. "Focus on what you desire, and watch that manifest. The more you align with the person you want to be, more opportunities will follow."

Meanwhile, Bustle notes that Libra should also be mindful of their words, as it will be easy to get caught up in some silly gossip or spats around the time of the full moon.

Libra should spend time with family during the full moon on June 14

According to Mind Body Green, the full moon on June 14 will also be a good time for Libra to connect with their loved ones. The lunation falls in the air sign's third house of communication and siblings, so be sure to touch base with those important to you, especially anyone that you consider a brother or sister in your life.

Glamour reveals that the tarot card that corresponds to Libra during the month of June is the Nine of Wands. This card represents the lessons that must be learned in life. Although you may have an optimistic and positive view of the world, things happen that bring you down, just like any other sign. The card reminds the air sign that hardships are often temporary and are meant to teach us something valuable. In addition, the Nine of Wands also represents feeling trapped or being in a rut and suggests busting free from those feelings and making any changes in your life so that you can feel refreshed and renewed.

It seems that Libra will need to take some time for themselves during the full moon, as it will be important to get your body, mind, and soul on the same page moving forward.