Gay Science's Rob Anderson Describes His Debut Single And His Inspirations - Exclusive

There's no better time than Pride Month for queer entertainers to release their debut singles, and "Gay Science" host Rob Anderson understood the assignment well. After all, the history of Pride Month is centered on celebrating identity, passion, and love, and music is a great way to convey these very integral elements of humanity. 

What makes Anderson's single even better is that it reflects who he is in a very real way. As the host of "Gay Science," Anderson uses his comedic chops to reach queer people across the world, getting to know not only more individuals but also more aspects of the lived queer experience. This is reflected in his growth, too, which now sees him doing live gigs in addition to the online "Gay Science" series, which is housed on TikTok, as well as Instagram, and YouTube. This all culminates in his music, which is charming and poppy but not without its humor.

Recently, The List sat down with Anderson to talk about all aspects of his career, and in the exclusive interview, he not only revealed how "Gay Science" has evolved over time but he also described his debut single and music inspirations.

Rob Anderson wanted to make a 'pride anthem'

Rob Anderson's debut single is titled "Nothing for You," and it's a cheeky synth pop track about love. But, just what does the "Gay Science" comedian think of the song?

"It's the first song that I've ever written, and I wanted it to be silly, I wanted it to have fun with itself," Anderson explained. "It's my version of a pride anthem where, typically during [Pride] Month, we fight for our rights and stick up for the rights we have and for others, which is a very serious thing and very needed."

With the track, Anderson spins a typical pop song on its head. Instead of singing that he'd do anything for someone, he says that they can essentially take everything from him. "I wanted to have a song that says, 'If you are so hot, you can take away my rights. You can reduce me to nothing. You can do anything to me. You can have my assets, you can have my family. You can be my conservator. I am your furniture'," Anderson detailed to us. 

What's more, Anderson made this song with iconic musicians in mind, even if they're from different genres. "I love Haim, and I love Léon who is either a Finnish or Norwegian singer. I love organic female pop music — Dagny, Sigrid — where usually they're not from the U.S.," he revealed. "Or Maggie Rogers, who is from the U.S."

Ultimately, "Nothing for You" is a breath of fresh air during a summer when everything feels incredibly hard. As Anderson noted, "It's a blast. It doesn't take itself too seriously ... gay people want that."

Catch Rob Anderson's "Gay Science" series on TikTok and YouTube. His debut single, "Nothing For You," is now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.