If You're An Enneagram Type 7, Here Is The City You Should Move To

Enneagrams can tell us a lot about our inner workings — finding out which type we are can help explain a lot about ourselves and our early childhood, per The Enneagram Institute. The nine different enneagrams vary, and although we may think of ourselves as more than one of the numbers, each person is dominantly one specific type

If you are an Enneagram type Seven, you are likely looking for a change as you are always searching for fun, exciting experiences. According to Truity, your deepest fear is being in a rut and missing out on all that life has to offer. As a type Seven, you are enthusiastic, up-beat, and always on-the-go. You never want to feel bored and because of this, you may find yourself moving quite often. If you are beginning to feel dull in your current city or town and are craving something new, here's where you should move.

Enneagram 7s should move to a city full of energy

Enneagram type Sevens are known as "The Adventurers," so making a move to somewhere far away is actually on brand for your larger-than-life personality. You flourish in an active environment, so when choosing a place to live, you need to make sure it's as energetic as you are. Her Campus recommends type Sevens make the move to Amsterdam. The vast amount of things to do will keep you busy and with their festivals, restaurants, and museums, you will be able to find that variety you so badly crave.

Plus, according to Crystal Knows, type Sevens need a work environment that is creative and fresh. The startup culture in Amsterdam will provide this for you, and if startups aren't your thing, there are a ton of other job opportunities as more and more big companies bring their headquarters to the city, per I Amsterdam. A healthy work/life balance is also a big priority for companies in Amsterdam, too, which is great for a type Seven who likes to play as much as they like to work.

When traveling, consider a place with high energy

Enneagram type Sevens are always on-the-go, per Truity, so traveling is likely a hobby of yours. If instead of moving, you are planning your next vacation, focus on destinations that will keep you busy (so, avoid places where you will just be laying by a pool). One great spot is Cape Town, South Africa, per Ashley Abroad. Cape Town is full of diverse activities. In fact, you can see penguins, cave dive with sharks, and do a wine tour, all in one spot.

Another great spot for type Sevens to travel is New Orleans. The Every Girl recommends this city due to its party factor. As someone who is also seeking out fun, New Orleans provides this all year round. But if you really want to immerse yourself in the party scene, plan your trip during Mardi Gras. No matter what place you choose to move, or travel to, you are likely to find something exciting about it — as always, have fun!