If You're An Enneagram Type 9, Here Is The City You Should Move To

The Enneagram, an aptitude test that can identify aspects of our childhood development, helps us explain our basic personality type. There are nine different Enneagram numbers, all of which give us a better idea of why we behave the way in which we do. If you have already taken the Enneagram test and landed on type Nine, you are one of the 14% of the population who has this personality type, per Truity.

While some personality types are marked by their self-control (type One), their drive (type Three), or their spontaneity (type Seven), a type Nine is characterized by their desire for peace. According to The Enneagram Institute, type Nines are extremely stable, making them a friend you can always count on. Their need for harmony makes them easy-going and sometimes, a bit too-accepting. But they are also dreamers, with an optimistic outlook on the world. With this type of personality, you need to live in a place that evokes a calmness you crave. So, where exactly should an Enneagram type Nine move? Let's find out.

Enneagram Type 9s should head to Sweden

If you are an Enneagram type Nine, you need to live somewhere that matches your calm spirit. According to Her Campus, if you're itching to make a move, pack your bags and head to Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden itself is one of the safest places in the world to live, so as someone who needs harmony in their lives, living there will give you a sense of safety you likely need to thrive.

Stockholm, though, is the ultimate city inside Sweden for a type Nine. According to Culture Trip, Stockholm employers really push a work-life balance and offer a good amount of time off. When you are taking those days off or spending time enjoying their long summers, there are a ton of relaxing activities to do, like hiking or fishing in the nature reserves or taking a calming swim in the lakes. But, even when you are working, Swedes take a relaxing approach to their everyday life. Every day in Swedish culture, they take what is called a fika, which is simply a time to take a break and relax with baked goods and a cup of coffee. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

If you don't want to make a big move, consider these travel spots

As a type Nine, you may be unlikely to make a big move and upset your current life harmony. If you are happy with your current living situation, but still want to get away, take a trip instead. According to The Everygirl, the ultimate vacation for an Enneagram type Nine is Maui. The calming nature of Maui is enough to draw a type Nine in, but the harmonious activities and good-natured locals will keep you going back.

If you consider yourself a spiritual person, Ashley Abroad recommends traveling to India. Rishikesh, a city in India, is known for its yoga and meditation. After your morning yoga practice, you can spend the afternoon visiting the Holy places (in fact, per The Planet D, Rishikesh is considered the Land of God and is a place where many visit solely to find peace) or take a dip in The Divinity of the River Ganges, which is said to release you of your sins. Happy, and calm, travels!