The Trendy Summer Hat That Combines A Classic Staple And A Huge New Fad

Summer 2022 is coming in hot, and so are the newest clothing trends. We're seeing micro-mini skirts, cutouts, and everything pink this season. And with the change in weather comes the opportunity for reinvention — with ourselves and in fashion. That means classic materials are meshing with trendy silhouettes to create the most exciting new accessories.

On the warmest and sunniest days of summer, donning a hat as an accessory is not only super stylish, but also extremely practical. They keep us cool, protect our faces from the sun's UV rays, and add the finishing touch of effortless summer style. Let's not forget how hats extend the time between washing our hair and dreaded heat styling, too. As for the best (and most breezy) option? Straw hats reign as the choice material for beachy looks and summer outfits.

Straw has woven its way into summer wardrobes since the 1700s, says the costume history blog Recollections. The trend began in France with the shepherdess hat, known as a bergère, and eventually established itself as a classic with the extra-large sunhat in 1930s old Hollywood style glamor. You can now find the timeless textile in even more accessories like handbags and jewelry. We love a summer outfit that effortlessly combines the classics with a touch of trendy. 

All about the trendy bucket hat look

Before we share our favorite straw bucket hats, let's first take a look at the original. The bucket hat style was initially invented as a practical choice for fishermen at the turn of the 20th century (via Female). Then, a longer brimmed version made an appearance on women within the 'mod' subculture of 1960s London and Great Britain (via The Tempest).

But as with many trends, celebs often take the lead when introducing a new look to mainstream culture. The bucket hat we know and love today was first spotted in the 1980s on hip hop stars like Jam Master Jay and LL Cool J, says 90s Fashion World, but the fad truly had its moment during the 1990s and early 2000s. It's not difficult to name several iconic memories of the bucket hat on the red carpet, television, music videos, and movies throughout the span of the decade. Teen stars like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, major musicians like Britney Spears and Aaliyah, and iconic screen appearances in "Clueless" and "Dawson's Creek" all saw the bucket hat fad.

The bucket hat resurfaced in 2021 with again more celebs, like Rihanna sporting the look, but also the entire 1990s era made a massive comeback as a fashion trend. Therefore, it's no surprise we are seeing new iterations of the bucket hat, like the stunning new straw versions.

Straw bucket hats are the summer trend to embrace

Introducing: straw bucket hats. This hat is easily up there with some of our favorite summer accessories. And what's not to love? You get the timeless look and breathability of straw, combined with the must-have bucket hat trend.

Even though this multi-trend style is new to the fashion scene, there are many fantastic options available at various prices. We don't often think of Etsy as a fashion destination, but the site has pages of affordable straw bucket hats. You'll get a well-made, handcrafted piece while supporting individuals and small businesses.

Our next pick is from the Australian sun hat destination Lack of Color, a fashion lover's favorite. The brand's top seller this season is the Inca Bucket ($139), which comes in the classic tan and brown, but also an ultra-chic noir color.

If you're actually planning to wear this hat to the beach, look no further than the Jax Bucket Hat in Raffia from Frankie's Bikinis. This adorable accessory is ready to travel and folds up nicely in a tote, so you can bring it anywhere and everywhere the sun shines.