What Kind Of King Prince William Will Be, According To Astrology

Queen Elizabeth has had a long and admirable 70-year run on the British throne, but even the best reigns must come to an end eventually. As the queen delegates more and more royal responsibilities to her heirs, the public is getting a glimpse of what to expect in the near future. A YouGov poll indicates that while only about a third of Britons would rather see Prince William skip over his dad and take the throne next, a substantial 77% think William will be a good ruler when his turn finally comes around. 

Why might that be? Age could have something to do with it; William's relative youth (he turns 40 this year!) could appeal to folks who think the monarchy needs a more modern outlook. His speech at the queen's Platinum Jubilee, many say, solidified William's future as king because of its conviction and heart. Another possible factor, however, might be written in the stars. Astrology holds that our personalities, passions, and goals are deeply influenced by the position of the planets at the time of our birth, and the prince's own astrological chart reveals that his reign is likely to be a successful one.

Prince William is a compassionate Cancer

Per Britannica, Prince William was born on June 21, 1982, so he just squeaks into the sign of Cancer (June 21-July 20). Although we don't exactly think of crabs as being cuddly, Cancer is actually one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac, according to AstroStyle. Empathetic and sometimes moody, Cancers love creating an inviting home environment, caring for family, and enjoying good food, music, and art. 

As Yahoo! points out, William's natural ability to connect with the people he meets will make him a popular king. He comes off as far more approachable than the older royals, who tend to keep their distance. William's recent work on behalf of mental health issues has also earned him widespread praise for his very Cancer-like compassion (via Woman & Home). People born under the sign of the Crab also make awesome parents, and William is no exception; Insider has plenty of proof of times the future monarch shared touching moments with his children — George, Charlotte, and Louis. 

Astrologically speaking, Prince William also couldn't have chosen a better partner. Woman's Health has spoken to an astrologer who pointed out that Kate Middleton has a lot of similar aspects in her chart. Both of them have moons in Cancer, which indicates strong family bonds, and both have air signs in Mercury, the planet of communication, keeping them intellectually in sync. Kate is also an organized, detail-oriented Capricorn, which will serve her well when she takes on more palace duties as queen.

William will be a great king, but what about Prince George?

Astrologically, Prince William is not just a royal that signs like Capricorn can relate to — he might actually be divinely destined for his future role as king! That's the surprising opinion pop astrologer Kyle Thomas has told the New York Post. "His chart repeatedly speaks of power, public influence and his ability to handle it," Thomas told the outlet. His Cancer sun and moon "link perfectly with Jupiter," which rules luck, indicating William will be a successful leader who is also adored by the public. "If I'm going to be honest, it feels as if a higher order or power chose him specifically for the role he has played and will later in his lifetime," Thomas declared. 

Does the same hold true for his oldest son? Prince George, currently third in line to the throne, also happens to be a Cancer like his dad (and his late grandmother, Princess Diana). The young royal, who turns nine on July 22, has a lot of other water signs in his chart, indicating that he may be more apt to make decisions based on his heart than through his head, according to Astrotheme. He'll be a self-confident leader, eager to take action quickly on his plans, but he'll need to be careful not to sink into despair if those plans don't come to fruition. George's strong Jupiter influence in his chart could lead him to be a little too indulgent with pleasures, but his parents' careful upbringing should help him learn self-control.