Royals Every Capricorn Can Relate To

If there is a royal sign, it's a Capricorn. The sign is known to be ambitious, driven, and dedicated, which makes them perfect for doing things like, you know, leading a country (via Times of India). Whether it's taking on a new business idea, compartmentalizing their lives, or putting on a put-together look for the public, Capricorns just get it. That means that they'd make perfect friends with a hard-working member of the crown. 

Despite the fact that there is only one member of the royal family who is actually a Capricorn, the Earth sign makes the perfect royal companion. According to Cosmopolitan, the sign keeps a tight circle, is extremely loyal, and is family oriented. Honestly, you can't ask for more in a royal family member. 

Whether you're sitting next to a member of the royal family at dinner or analyzing their power moves, any Capricorn would fit in perfectly. These are the members of the royal family that would be besties with a Capricorn, just in case you ever run into them.

Kate Middleton is the royal family's Capricorn

Looking for a new bestie? This royal is your gal. According to the New York Post, Kate Middleton is a Capricorn sun, meaning that the hardworking, driven persona that she puts off is truly what she is at her core. The woman is always put together and right there with a smile on her face at every work event. Granted, that does include traveling to Jamaica in style and sitting in carriages. 

All jokes aside, Middleton is extremely hardworking and hardly ever causes a scandal, making her the epitome of a Capricorn. She's grounded, put together, and consistently supportive of her family. According to The Mirror, the royal is able to make her whole life about her family, especially Prince William. The 40-year-old can ground her family like a true Earth sign.

Add to that she's a Leo rising, giving her an outgoing persona, and a Cancer moon, which has her growing into her emotions, and you have a great mix for a great friend and royal family member. Any Capricorn would thrive in a friendship with her. 

Princess Charlotte is a fellow Earth sign

If you're looking for someone else in the royal family to kick it with, look no further than this fellow Earth sign. According to Express UK, Princess Charlotte is a Taurus, and the more she grows into her personality, the more she seems just like her Capricorn mother.

Unlike her rambunctious brother Prince Louis, the 7-year-old is constantly put together at public events and takes her job as a royal extremely seriously. Heck, she was even said to be the one member of the royal family that was fed up with her little brother's antics at the Platinum Jubilee. If that doesn't scream Capricorn compatible, then we don't know what does. 

While she's still growing into her own, her hard-working, driven Taurus personality is sure to pay off as a member of the royal family (via People). There's just something that tells us her and any Capricorn would have a lifelong friendship. 

Queen Elizabeth is also a Capricorn-compatible Taurus

If a Capricorn ever has the chance to meet with Queen Elizabeth, consider it worth your time. Arguably, there is no one on the entire planet who is more driven and hardworking than the queen. She just celebrated her 70th work anniversary, for goodness sake. That's any Capricorn's dream!

Although the 96-year-old is a Taurus like her great-granddaughter, plenty of the sign's attributes are compatible with their fellow Earth sign. According to Bustle, the two grounding signs make for a stable friendship and both are incredibly loyal to one another. "These are two signs that can really be there for the other through thick and thin," astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells the publication. "No flakiness, they are ride or die pals." That's exactly what any Capricorn needs in their lives.

Ready for the kicker? Queen Elizabeth is a Capricorn rising, according to Hello! Magazine. That means that the hard-working, driven attitude of a Capricorn that she gives off to the world really is who she truly is. Tie that in with her Leo moon (via the New York Post), which gives her a big, showy personality, and you have the perfect combination for her job and a Capricorn's best friend.

Camille Parker Bowles exhibits big Capricorn energy even though she's a Cancer

Okay, so technically Camilla Parker Bowles is a Cancer (via Express UK). But if there was anyone in the royal family that dedicated her life to being royal, it's her. Anyone who has seen "The Crown" knows about how she allegedly "schemed," waited, and persisted in her quest to be a part of the royal family (via the New York Post). She even watched her now-husband marry someone else before stepping into the role herself. That, my friends, is Capricorn energy.

According to Bustle, Capricorns and Cancers are a highly compatible match in love and friendship. The publication states that the two are loyal and can easily build trust with one another. That makes it easy for a budding friendship to bloom between the two signs. After all, Prince William is a Cancer and he's married to Kate Middleton, who is a Capricorn (via the New York Post). So needless to say, the Earth sign would likely gravitate towards this royal at a party. 

Prince William is married to the royal family's sole Capricorn

That brings us right to Prince William himself. As stated above, Prince William is a Cancer, which is a highly compatible sign for a Capricorn (via New York Post). On top of that, he's a double Cancer with his moon also being in the sign, which doubles down on all those emotions and trust.

You would likely have a ton to talk about with Prince William, from how he balances it all to how he's avoided much of the controversy his entire life. After all, if Kate Middleton, the royal Earth sign herself, could quite literally decide to devote her entire life to the water sign, then you could definitely enjoy sitting at a dinner table together. 

While it's a little shocking that there aren't more Capricorns in the royal family, you can breathe easy knowing that you'd get along swimmingly with just about every immediate royal family member. So if you want to walk around telling people you have a royal personality, far be it from us to stop you.