John Gallagher Jr. And Emma Roberts Discuss Their Chemistry In Abandoned - Exclusive

When people think of horror films, they may think of cheap jump scares and other cliché moments unique to the genre, but some horror projects truly stand out by being fleshed out not only in character but also in story, lore, and setting. Part of creating this depth is relying on actors to bring their best performances, and while it may not always translate well, it certainly does with Emma Roberts and John Gallagher Jr. in their new horror film, "Abandoned."

Roberts is already nuanced in real life. We know, for instance, how she minimizes her plastic use and the foundation that her makeup artist swears by. Tidbits like these help fans connect with stars like Roberts, and with this practice in the real world, Roberts certainly has no issue bringing characters to life in films or on television. 

In fact, "Abandoned" is a nuanced take on horror. As noted by Roberts in an exclusive interview with The List, the film has its scares, but it's also a deeper look at who its characters are and how they would react to and live in a world — and house — like theirs. Roberts and co-star Gallagher Jr. also detailed how their chemistry formed on set and how it evolved over the course of filming.

The two actors had never met before filming Abandoned

"Abandoned" sees Emma Roberts and John Gallagher Jr. caring for a newborn in a new home while they also struggle to maintain their own sanity when wild things begin happening around them. But how did they bring these characters to life?

"The first day we met, they dressed us up in a wedding outfit [and] made us take a photo outside, and we were like, 'Nice to meet you.' Literally, I'm in a wedding dress," Roberts explained to The List. "My mom has that photo on her fridge, and I'm like, 'Mom, don't you think it's weird that you have a wedding photo of me and John on the fridge?' [It's] a little much.

"That's the weird thing about making movies sometimes," Gallagher Jr. added. "I got off the plane and they picked me up. They took me straight to set. I walked on. I tried on some clothes, and the next thing I knew, I was sitting in the kitchen with my wife and my baby, who I had just met." Of course, he was quick to note that he has a copy of their wedding photo on his fridge, too.

"I like that because you can try to prepare and build up your chemistry, but sometimes it's great to get there and say, 'Well, now we just have to look in each other's eyes and trust this material and go for it,'" he continued. "That can be terrifying and scary but liberating. But we fell right into it."

Ultimately, Roberts said, "We get along really well. We were chit-chatting nonstop."

"Abandoned" is now in theaters and lands on digital and On Demand on June 24.