All The Soap Opera Roles Days Of Our Lives' Mary Beth Evans Has Played

Mary Beth Evans is well-known in the soap opera community. The actress has been appearing on sudsers for decades and got into the business after finding a love for acting at a young age, per Soap Central. The Orange County, California native even got a job at a fast food restaurant when she was just 14 years old and had her older sister drive her to acting classes to improve her craft.

Over the years, Evans has appeared on many television shows such as "This Just In," "Chasing Life," "Pretty The Series," "Nip/Tuck," "Monk," "American Coffee," "Knight Rider," "Murder, She Wrote," "Remington Steele," and many others. She's also acted in TV movies such as "Secrets of a Mother and Daughter," and "The Sinister Surrogate" (via IMDb). These days, Evans is married to Dr. Michael Schwartz — whom she wed in November 1985, per Soaps. The pair share three children together, and the actress has made a name for herself by starring in multiple soap opera roles.

Mary Beth Evans is best known for her role as Kayla Brady on Days of Our Lives

Mary Beth Evans debuted as Kayla Brady on "Days of Our Lives" in 1986 — the role has since become the most well-known for the actress. In her early years, Kayla had romances with characters like David Banning and Chris Kositchek, but it was her love story with Steve "Patch" Johnson (Stephen Nichols) that quickly became a huge favorite among fans.

Over the years, Kayla went through many ups and downs, including being assaulted, being accused of murder, losing her hearing and speech in an explosion, and being attacked by a serial killer named the Riverfront Knifer, per Soaps in Depth. Of course, Kayla's family also struggled over the years. As the younger sister of Roman, Kimberly, and Bo Brady, and daughter of Shawn Sr. and Caroline, the Brady family became a staple in Salem as they owned the town's Irish pub.

Kayla went on to study medicine and eventually became a well-respected doctor (via Soap Central). Kayla and Steve got married more than once and welcomed two children together, daughter Stephanie and son Joey (via TV Overmind). "Days of Our Lives" fans are still engulfed in Kayla's life today as she and Steve continue to figure things out in Salem.

Of course, Evans has also appeared on other note-worthy soap operas throughout her career.

Mary Beth Evans portrayed Katherine Bell on General Hospital

During one of Mary Beth Evans' hiatuses from "Days of Our Lives," she appeared on "General Hospital" as a character named Katherine Bell. Katherine first came to Port Charles in 1993, per Soaps. It was later revealed that she was the daughter of a cook who worked at Dominique Baldwin's childhood home. Katherine went on to fall head over heels for Scott Baldwin. However, Katherine had already plotted with her lover, Damian Smith, to con Scott out of his wealth. When her devious plan was uncovered, Scott left Katherine at the altar on what was supposed to be their wedding day (via Soap Central).

Katherine later conned another man, Ned Ashton, into marriage after she blackmailed him. However, Ned had a previous marriage that made his nuptials to Katherine invalid. Evans' "General Hospital" character also brought the drama when she was shot and paralyzed, later re-learning to walk. Katherine was seen for the very last time in 1999 when she was killed after Helena Cassadine pushed her from a building to her death.

Following her stint on "General Hospital," Evans later moved on to another fan-favorite soap.

The actress previously played Sierra Esteban on As The World Turns

After working on both "Days of Our Lives" and "General Hospital," Mary Beth Evans tackled another soap opera role. In 2000 she was cast as Sierra Esteban on "As The World Turns" (via Soaps). Evans took over the role from Finn Carter, who played the character many times until 1994.

Sierra fled from Montega after the death of her father, Jacobo Esteban, with the help of Craig Montgomery. Craig brought Sierra to Oakdale, where she moved in with her godmother Lucinda Walsh. Later it was discovered that Lucinda was actually Sierra's biological mother, per Soap Central.

The shock of the news led Sierra to run away, where she later married Tonio Reyes. Tonio turned out to be a terrible husband, and Sierra soon realized that she had feelings for Craig. Sierra and Craig eventually had an affair, and Sierra got pregnant. She eventually divorced Tonio and welcomed a baby boy named Bryant with Craig. The two married, but their relationship had plenty of ups and downs. Sierra eventually moved back to Montega, but often checked in with her family and friends in Oakdale throughout the series.

Evans obviously has a lot of versatility as her three main soap opera roles have all been so different. Of course, that's just one of the many reasons why fans love watching her perform.