What Is Jill Vertes From Dance Moms Doing Now?

When "Dance Moms" first came out, it completely revolutionized reality television. It featured not only the kids during dance recitals, but their moms along the way as well. It turns out that the latter was more drama-mama filled. It might be over 10 years since the show came out, but people are just as obsessed with the cast — and just because Jill Vertes wasn't an OG "Dance Moms" star doesn't mean that she wasn't just as loved by fans. If you're curious as to what she's doing now, you'll be happy to hear that she stuck to her "Dance Moms" roots in more than one way. 

Jill and Kendall Vertes fit into "Dance Moms" perfectly. The pair came in after Kendall won a spot on Abby Lee Miller's team after an open casting call and it was hard to believe that she hadn't been with the girls forever. Jill fit in with the other moms instantly as well, and has even until today. In fact, the bond might even be closer today than it was back then. Here's what she's been up to in the years after "Dance Moms," so you can see exactly what we mean. 

Jill Vertes is going back to her 'Dance Moms' roots

The show might be over, but that hasn't stopped Jill Vertes from holding onto her "Dance Moms" persona. In the three years since the show ended, the moms of the screen have stayed closer than ever. Without the drama, the bond between the women is strong — so strong that they even started a podcast together.

In September 2020, Melissa Gisoni, Jill Vertes, Kelly Hyland, and Holly Hatcher-Frazier started the "Because Mom Said So" podcast. The group of "Dance Moms" stars get together once a week to talk about everything from fitness goals to the Johnny Depp and Amber Herd trial. The idea, according to Instagram, is that they're the moms you know talking about topics that you're interested in.

Honestly, people love these moms so it makes sense that they got back together to give the people what they want. "Everybody has different aged kids, and it's nice to have a shoulder, someone to tell stuff to and bounce things off of," Vertes told Entertainment Tonight. "They will never steer me wrong." All of their daughters might be older and making a life for themselves, but nothing can stop the bond between these moms.

She gave up her career for the show and hasn't looked back

The podcast is a big change from what Jill Vertes was doing before "Dance Moms." According to Life & Style Magazine, Vertes was in pharmaceutical sales for 10 years before she became a reality television star. Something tells us that she really doesn't mind giving up that career though, as the 56-year-old mom of three hasn't gotten back into that career after the show ended.

To be fair, it seems that being a podcast host is the first profession she's dove into since the show ended, unless you count her brief stint as an influencer. According to Instagram, Vertes had a quick venture in promoting Boom Bod on social media. Other than that, the only thing she's promoted is how proud she is of her three daughters. 

If we had to guess, there's a good chance she'll be sticking with her "Dance Moms" posse forever. "When opportunity knocks, you open the door!" she captioned a photo on Instagram, marking the anniversary of the show. "Happy 10 year anniversary to 'Dance Moms' who gave us a lifetime of memories. Love all of the dancers, moms, and fans who made it all happen!"

Jill is still close friends with the cast

The podcast isn't the only tie that Jill Vertes has to her fellow dance moms, either. According to her Instagram posts, this group is more tight knit than ever. From wishing each other happy birthday to promoting each others' endeavors, the moms are constantly seen supporting one another on social media. 

The bond goes way deeper than the show, though. "We can't deny what we went through and we can't hide from it, from anything that went on," Vertes told Entertainment Tonight. "We're gonna learn from it and move on, and now we have this friendship and we've got so much to say and so many stories and big things going on."

Needless to say, Vertes has been busy with her podcast, promotions, and celebrating big milestones with her family, and it's clear to see her roots to "Dance Moms" are strong to this day. Nothing can come between these ladies' bonds with each other.