Patrick Warburton On Chris Evans Taking Over The Role Of Buzz Lightyear - Exclusive

Patrick Warburton is known for as much for his distinctive voice as his prestigious pedigree of screen credits, a list that includes such TV series as "Less Than Perfect," "Rules of Engagement," and Netflix's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (2017-2019), to highlight just a few. Of course, for fans of "Seinfeld" Warburton will forever be known as David Puddy, face-painting, Christian rock-loving boyfriend of boyfriend of Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) on "Seinfeld."

There's also his extensive work as a voice actor, which has encompassed such roles as Joe Swanson on "Family Guy," Brock Samson on "The Venture Bros." and Buzz Lightyear, providing the voice of the "Toy Story" astronaut in various small-screen projects (taking over for Tim Allen, who has voiced the character in the "Toy Story" feature films. During an exclusive interview promoting his new role as the voice of Days Inn's "complimentary" pillow — a pillow that offers guests feel-good compliments with the touch of a button — Warburton shared his thoughts on the former Captain America, Chris Evans, taking over the role of Buzz Lightyear in Disney's new animated film "Lightyear."

Patrick Warburton explains why he had no advice to offer Chris Evans

Asked whether he had any advice he could give Chris Evans about taking on the voice role of Buzz Lightyear in the new Disney feature "Lightyear," Patrick Warburton responded, "I have no advice for Chris. Whenever it's your opportunity to voice a character, you make it your own. Chris, being the talented and creative individual he is, will make it his own. Even when I did the TV series, I didn't talk to Tim [Allen] before that. My Buzz was very different than Tim's Buzz. Throughout the years, and throughout time, there will be many different artists who voice the character of Buzz or portray Superman live-action, or even The Tick."

Referencing his role in the short-lived 2001 Fox superhero cult comedy "The Tick," Warburton pointed to the recent Prime Video remake. "Peter Serafinowicz did the latest live-action version of The Tick, and we didn't have any communications," Warburton explained. "You try to make things your own, but there are these characters and superheroes that go on. There will always be many different Batmans and Supermans and The Ticks and Buzz Lightyears, for sure. Whoever the artist is who is honored with stepping into those shoes, it's their opportunity and responsibility to create something special and unique — which is what Chris is doing. I've just seen a little bit of ["Lightyear"], but it looks like it's going to be absolutely amazing."

The new "complimentary" pillow is available until July 30 in select Days Inn locations throughout the summer.