The Truth About James Patrick Stuart's Marriage

Soap star James Patrick Stuart has a talent for being involved in the best storylines. In his time on ABC's "General Hospital," the Emmy-nominated actor has attempted to take over the Cassadine fortune, had his mysterious lineage revealed, and has dipped his hand in drama, per Soaps In Depth. His brief stint away from the soap opera to film Disney+ series "The Villians of Valley View" only built up fan anticipation for his return, reports Daytime Confidential.

Stuart's fanbase expands every day. In a short span, he's gone from being GH's resident baddie to leading heartthrob. Stuart's chemistry with soap veteran Finola Hughes, who makes up one half of fan favorite almost-couple Valentin Cassadine and Anna Devane, is unmatched. Hughes and Stuart are naturals at keeping viewers invested in Anna and Valentin's past together and portraying their "will-they, won't they" dynamic.

Stuart hasn't only been lucky in love on the TV screen. The former "All My Children" star's long-time marriage to Jocelyn Stuart is filled with sweet moments.

James Patrick Stuart and Jocelyn have been together for decades

James Patrick Stuart and his wife Jocelyn Stuart have been together for decades. In a September 2021 Instagram post, the "Amphibia" actor wrote a heartfelt tribute in celebration of their milestone anniversary. "21 years ago today, Jocelyn Stilwell and I were married in front of 60 of our closest friends and family at the Presbyterian Church of Mendocino, CA," he wrote. 

Though they've been together for such a long time, Stuart makes it a point to shower his wife in praise and love. "Happy Anniversary, to my dearest friend, greatest love, and prettiest girl I ever met," he continued in his post.

Per Soaps in Depth, Stuart regularly posts sweet shots of the two, whether they're on a romantic dinner date or attending a soap event. Their marriage is solid. The "American Gandhi" star took to social media to shut down any rumors about there being jealousy when he films kissing scenes with his co-stars. "For those GH fans concerned about the beautiful Jocelyn Stuart when I do love scenes," he started, via Soaps in Depth. "She gets the diamonds, the trips to Paris, and my never-ending love. I adore her."

His struggle with addiction impacted his past relationships

During a September 2021 appearance on "General Hospital" co-star and soap opera legend Maurice Benard's mental health podcast "State of Mind," James Patrick Stuart revealed that his time on "All My Children" was overshadowed by his addiction. He admitted that his past relationships — both professional and romantic — were harder to maintain as a result. He got vulnerable about feeling embarrassed when running into his "AMC" co-stars outside of work because of the company he kept.

On the podcast, Stuart also openly shared that his addiction seriously impacted his personal life and livelihood. "I reached a point where I was unemployable, the girl that I was deeply in love with had gotten rid of me because she had ... realized I was no longer a safe bet," he reflected honestly. SheKnows Soaps surmised that his decision to share his past with his audience can go a long way toward making others who also struggle with addiction feel seen and heard.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).