If You're A Virgo, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs

Allure states that Virgos are known for their clarity and organization skills. Represented by the maiden, they are associated with peace and guidance. Above all, Virgos are generally recognized as being perfectionists, hyper-aware, and having everything planned out. They want to help in a way that matters and to make an impact on the world, whether that's through creating films or embarking on a personal project. 

MindBodyGreen elaborates on this, sharing that Virgos are naturally chosen by others when qualities such as being precise and in control are needed. They are also deep and critical thinkers, which could definitely impact their music taste and what they listen to. Moreover, Virgo is a transitional sign, which means it guides us to move between seasons. This dynamic approach expands the mindset of Virgos, which could give them a more open-minded approach to music despite their rigid need for a plan.

If you're a Virgo, read on. We've picked out some songs guaranteed to be your new favs, as well as some classics you may not have heard in a while. Fire up your preferred streaming platform, and get ready to add to playlist.

Some famous songwriters embody the Virgo spirit

Many Virgo singers, rappers, and celebs appear to be influenced by their zodiac sign. As reported by Cosmpolitan, singer, performer, and general Virgo icon Beyoncé embodies the perfectionist spirit many Virgo zodiacs have within them. She called herself a "control freak" in a 2011 interview with Dazed and admitted to being embarrassed when she heard her songs playing in public, preferring to be away from the spotlight. Prioritizing privacy above all is a common Virgo trait due to their naturally quieter nature. Beyoncé also releases music that embodies what she wants to talk about, especially on her 2016 album "Lemonade." Committing to a topic and analyzing it is a very common Virgo trait. Once a Virgo is invested in something, they will see it through to the end. 

Another Virgo celeb is Bebe Rexha, who revealed in a 2019 interview with Nylon that her Virgo traits manifest in her being "very intense." She additionally described Virgos as being "critical, but we're very loving. We're tough on the outside, but we're very mushy." So, are Virgo artists more likely to release music that Virgos will like? Bustle states that Virgos have a wide range of music tastes and tend to like a song based off whether they can relate to it. Judging by the lyrical content of Beyoncé and Rexha, the answer seems to be yes.

Virgo zodiacs don't stick to one genre of music

According to Bustle, Virgos pay close attention to detail. This means they especially appreciate a song with poignant lyrics or a particularly beautiful tune. The style doesn't necessarily matter — anything from pop to rock or even heavy metal could be a Virgo zodiac's favorite genre. Virgos also tend to appreciate singers, rappers, and songwriters who can turn their hand to a range of different music styles and showcase versatility. This suits their own need to switch things up and make them the best they can be. As well as Beyoncé and Bebe Rexha, Leonard Cohen is a good example of a Virgo who makes music for Virgos. His soulful songs and poetic lyrics will really speak to Virgos, who usually have tender hearts hidden underneath their hardworking attitude. 

The Daily Targum recommends another great band that will bring out a softer side of Virgos. Including indie-rock singers Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker, boygenius combines self-reflective lyrics with soul-searching music. Though none of them are Virgos, their song "Me & My Dog" is soothing and gentle — just what a Virgo needs to embrace their emotional side rather than putting on a front.

You may enjoy these three specific songs if you're a Virgo

Livingly recommends three specific songs you're likely to enjoy if you're a Virgo. Although different sonically and lyrically, they all embody the main qualities Virgos pride themselves on. "Without Me" by Halsey is all about a former friend or partner going through life without having you by their side. Virgos are known to be a good other half in both romantic and platonic relationships, which makes this song perfect if you're a Virgo who has had to let go of someone recently (via Allure).

On the other hand, "Location" by Khalid is all about making plans and being on the move. Virgos often have long and planned-out segments of their life alongside being immensely practical. Khalid's lyrics talk about the importance of communication and making sure you're on the same page as someone else, a topic Virgo zodiacs are always happy to discuss. 

Finally, Coldplay's beautiful and iconic "Fix You" is ideal for Virgo signs. One of the main flaws Virgos have is constantly striving for perfectionism (via Bustle), which means they are less likely to accept someone as they are. This perfectionism can manifest in wanting to save or "fix" somebody, hence why the Coldplay anthem is a good choice for critical Virgos to sit back and reflect.

For something more upbeat, try these options

If you're looking for something more upbeat, StyleCaster recommends blasting Beyoncé's "Sorry." You can walk with even more confidence by listening to the Virgo queen's impressive vocals and self-assured lyrics. If there's one thing Virgos know, it's that they have a plan at all times. This makes Beyoncé's song a perfect choice for those moments where you know you don't need to apologize and can feel the satisfaction from knowing you have a plan.

Under Lucky Stars also recommends Virgos listen to artists who have a wide variety of songs — from pop bangers to slow and dreamy tracks. Not satisfied with the same words over and over, they prefer music they can analyze and think about for days to come, which is why good lyrics are so essential. Virgos get along best with Cancers, which is why they will enjoy the music of singer-songwriters Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey. Both Cancers themselves, these singers let their soft Cancer nature shine through in their songs. This in turn allows graceful Virgos to unwind and feel at peace. 

So, is it true that our zodiac sign can affect our taste in music?

So, is it true that our zodiac sign can actually affect our choice in music? Song recommendations are one thing, but astrologer Annabel Gat seems to think our star sign could contribute to what we like listening to. Speaking to VICE, Gat revealed that earth signs — Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo — are more likely to listen to music with a "sensual" feel. This doesn't have to be slow and seductive songs, but rather songs that have a stripped-back, organic vibe to them rather than being over-produced.

Gat also mentioned that Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury is known as a planet that values communication above all, which could be why Virgos love songs with meaningful lyrics so much. However, Gat did point out that not all Virgos prefer soft songs, and that some actually prefer noisier music. So long as it has something to say, Virgo zodiacs are likely to vibe with a song. From soulful songs to pop hits, they are truly versatile listeners.