The One Color You'll See On Kate Middleton Over And Over Again

Whether you're dressing for a royal event with all eyes on you or picking the perfect look for date night, color matters when it comes to fashion. Let's be honest, we all have a power color. You know, a hue that you put on when you're feeling your most confident. It turns out that even royals have a shade that they feel their best in. If you're wondering what Kate Middleton's power color is, you obviously haven't been stalking her style like the rest of us. There's one shade that she chooses more often than not, and it has her looking absolutely stunning every time.

Royals have a whole lot of rules that they need to follow when it comes to how they look in public. Nail polish needs to be neutral, outfits should always be tailored, and you should wear British fashion designers whenever possible, according to Elle Australia. But there is one thing that they can control — color. Just like Queen Elizabeth loves to wear super bright colors so that she can be seen (via Reader's Digest), other royals have their favorites too. Middleton's favorite shade to wear makes so much sense.

Kate Middleton's power color is green like her eyes

If you've looked at any of the duchess' outfits ever, you'll realize that she loves to wear green. We're taking head-to-toe emeralds, evergreens, shamrocks, and every hue in-between. In fact, it turns out that it's her power color for a really smart reason. According to Hello! Magazine, Kate Middleton loves to wear green because it matches the color of her eyes. 

"She wears her eye colours often and very successfully," color specialist Gabriella Winters tells the publication. "Wearing colours that are innate to your colouring will make you appear graceful, fresh and elevated — Kate wearing her eye colours make her look effortlessly elegant, glowing and refined." Who knew that a simple fashion tip could do so much?

In terms of power colors, green is definitely the duchess'. Heck, Middleton was even wearing a green dress to be preserved forever in the first-ever official joint portrait of her and Prince William. The image, which Middleton absolutely loved, was done by Jamie Coreth and hangs in the University of Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum. 

The shade could be the doing of her royal fashion stylist

Kate Middleton is proof that matching your clothing to your eye color pays off every time. Whether she's rocking a gorgeous green coat or a stunning all-green evening dress, this sartorial trick pays off. I turns out that it might not have been her idea to dress in the shade, though.

According to The Cut, Middleton has been working with royal fashion stylist Natasha Archer to help choose her outfits since 2007. Since then, the Duchess of Cambridge has been stepping out in a whole lot of green. Of course, Middleton has a hand in choosing the final look as well.

The color, which Hello! Magazine points out brings "freshness, restoration and environmental awareness" to any look definitely encapsulates the public persona that Middleton has taken on. Nothing that the royals do is by accident, so Middleton wearing the color so much could mean more than just her looking great.

Other royals have power colors too

Kate Middleton isn't the only royal with a power color. There are plenty of members in the royal family that choose the same color over and over. As for Camilla Parker Bowles, her power color is blue, according to Express UK, and it's for the same reason as Middleton's. "We often see Camilla in blue," fashion stylist Samantha Harmon tells the outlet. "It's a colour of confidence, composure and calm. And of course, it makes the colour of her eyes pop."

As for Meghan Markle, one of her many power colors is white. Obviously, the ex-member of the royal family doesn't have white eyes. For the record, they're brown. But Who What Wear names her other power colors as blue, green, and red. It's safe to say that this powerful woman could make any outfit pop

Bottom line: next time you're looking for your perfect color, you might want to take a page out of the royal playbook and just choose your eye color. You truly can'y go wrong.