Royals Every Aries Can Relate To

Out of all the zodiac signs, it is no surprise that Aries are some of the boldest and most strongwilled personalities out there. Astrologers debate what it means to be born on the cusp, but generally, the sign belongs to those born in the spring and runs from approximately March 20 to April 20 (via The Cut). According to Parade, the Aries ram is the first sign to be created among the zodiac lineup and represents a determined but courageous quality. As a fire sign, Aries are natural-born leaders with tons of energy, but can have a short fuse and draw their power from the passionate planet Mars (via Allure). Does this sound familiar? It only makes sense that such a powerful sign that leaves a memorable lasting impression is also shared by some of the most notable members of the royal family.


Princess Eugenie

Although she may not be a senior member of the royal family, one of the most popular Aries around is Princess Eugenie. Born on March 23, 1990, Princess Eugenie makes the cut for the Aries club (via Hello Magazine). According to Town & Country, she is the youngest daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Despite comments she faces from haters in the press due to her unique outfit choices, in true Aries fashion, Princess Eugenie could care less and wears what she wants, including the infamous feather hat she rocked at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding (via People).


Unlike her sister Princess Beatrice, a Leo, Princess Eugenie marches to the beat of a different drum. As an Aries, she exudes a fiercely independent nature, from marrying a non-royal to flexing her passion for art as a gallery director, and choosing to forgo a royal title for her baby (via South China Morning Post). Not to mention, she is an advocate for scoliosis awareness, having suffered from the condition as a child. She proudly displayed her surgical scar on her wedding day in an Instagram post. Like most Aries, Princess Eugenie appears to be quite social, so it's no wonder she's rumored to be the queen's favorite grandchild (via Reader's Digest).

Queen Elizabeth

While Queen Elizabeth is technically not an Aries, she barely makes the cutoff for a Taurus since her birthday is April 21, 1926 (via Vogue). Unlike most Aries, the queen favors order and structure, but she also has an incredible work ethic, which, as Bustle points out, is common among this zodiac sign. Another trait that Aries share with the queen is their fondness for animals and are always up for a stroll with their furry friends (via POPSUGAR). For starters, Queen Elizabeth has been rumored to have had 30 corgis throughout her time as a monarch. The queen still has corgis that walk by her side today and has been a dog lover since she was a child (via Metro).


From the outside looking in, it may seem like the queen is a very serious person, and while she does have a certain image to uphold, she is often heard laughing throughout the palace halls. While rewatching a video of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith heard the queen laughing. "The Queen said, 'Oh, there's my Miss Piggy face.' She has the ability to laugh at herself," Smith explained to People. A sense of humor like this, plus one of the world's most prominent leadership roles, makes Queen Elizabeth the perfect honorary Aries (via PureWow).

Princess Charlotte

Speaking of Taurus' who share similar traits with Aries', Queen Elizabeth's great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, has proven to be a force to be reckoned with and is only seven years old. Many children can only dream about a lavish gift like Princess Charlotte's pony her parents got for her birthday. Aries are innately overachievers who enjoy the finer things in life, so Princess Charlotte is already ahead of the game (via Everyday Health).


The young royal gives her parents a run for their money, like most Aries, do with her strong-willed character. In one video, she can be seen having a small outburst while boarding a plane as Kate Middleton and Prince William work through it with her (via E! News). While Aries may have a short fuse, they can also be super likable and fun to be around, explains PureWow. From waving to photographers during outings to sassy moments — like making funny faces at the camera at a 2019 regatta — Princess Charlotte appears to be growing into a friendly, charming personality, and a great sister to her brothers Prince George and Prince Louis (via Cafe Mom).