Why A Recent Photo Of Jessa Duggar Seewald's Son Is Causing Controversy

Even though their long-running shows "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" have been canceled for a while now, the Duggar family still lives under public scrutiny. The shows were cut following the shocking behavior of Josh Duggar, who was recently sentenced to more than 12 years in jail for possession of child sexual abuse images (via Us Weekly) and has faced other scandals in the past.

While all eyes have been on the family's reaction to Josh's verdict, some of the other Duggar kids have found their names in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughter Jessa Duggar Seewald, who still keeps fans up to date with her life via her YouTube channel, is one of the unlucky victims of backlash from the public (Via The U.S. Sun).

Recently, fans chimed in about how reckless it was to let her kids use a permanent marker to color on her new cabinets in the comments section of a video. Seewald responded to her kids artwork by stating, "This is real life, you know? Life is messy sometimes. It's not picture-perfect. The cabinet may just be a permanent part of our house decor. We'll see."

Now, however, Duggar Seewald has sparked another controversy involving one of her kids.

Some people are criticizing Spurgeon Seewald for his weight

Jessa Duggar Seewald utilizes social media to keep fans of her family's now-canceled reality shows up to date with her family. Her children have been in the public eye since before they were born and have grown an extensive following. However, her posts have caught backlash throughout the years, with her parenting coming into question on a fairly regular basis (per Cafe Mom).

Recently, Duggar Seewald had her parenting called into question yet again on an Instagram post. The photo was of three of her kids snacking on some cotton candy at an event for a friend's new business. The center of the controversy was her eldest child Spurgeon Seewald's weight. Some commentators felt that the boy looked a bit overweight and didn't hesitate to weigh in. "You might want to make some changes to Spurgeon's diet," someone commented. "Looks like he's been getting into the snacks a little too often."

However, many of Seewald's fans defended the former reality TV star and her family. Some stated that it is not uncommon for kids to put on a few extra pounds before a major growth spurt and that he would eventually grow into it. Of course, others pointed out that "any comments on a child's weight are gross" in the hopes of ending the conversation. 

At the time of publishing, Duggar Seewald doesn't appear to have responded to any of the comments regarding her son's weight.