How The June 28 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Scorpio

New moon, new you. Every new moon brings the energizing rush of a fresh start, and the ending of toxic patterns from the previous moon cycle (via Yoga Journal). And this new moon on June 28 will be no different. The upcoming new moon will be in Cancer, which may bring about emotional vulnerability, according to Elite Daily. The energy during this specific new moon will allow you to reconnect with your gut instinct and hone in on what you need out of life, moving forward.

However, per The Cut, with the dark sky can come a wave of anxiety and uncertainty about what the future holds. Without visible moonlight to help guide us, we can lose touch with our intuition. The New York Post recommends leaving negative, debilitating thoughts behind by using this time to be intentional about the future. This is the time to set short-term goals for the rest of the month. Whatever you do during the new moon period will set the tone for the summer. So use this time wisely — start a new workout schedule, try new recipes, or, get a new haircut. The world is yours for the taking.

As a fellow water sign, Scorpio, this new moon can be an especially resourceful period of time to reflect on your dreams and open your mind to new possibilities, per Bustle.

Lean into the newfound sense of adventure

The long days of warm summer sunshine bring out your inner intrepid spirit and drive your thirst for a quest. Astrologer Ryan Marquardt told Bustle, "There's a culture shock element at play here, but the Cancer energy is going to help Scorpio feel right at home in whatever new scenario they're getting involved with, whether it's a new learning opportunity or an adventure to a far-off land."

Lean into your adventurous side and start trying those things that have long been on your bucket list — whether it's paddleboard yoga or enrolling in meditation classes. Scorpios are known to be naturally inquisitive, and now, you will especially feel a spark in your sense of curiosity (per Stylecaster). Life is short, so take advantage of the moment to take risks and learn from your endeavors. Traveling and meeting new people will help you widen your horizons and understand different perspectives. Remember, there's no end to learning!

This fresh energy may also bring a desire to schedule time for self-care, according to InStyle. Channel your adventurous spirit into trying new wellness techniques and improving your work-life balance. The New York Post recommends taking a bubble bath infused with Himalayan salt and essential oils. Lighting a candle in your favorite scent and applying a soothing peppermint lotion can all go a long way in keeping your spirits high during this time.

Focus on spirituality and compassion

Now is a great time to look inward into your spiritual health, per Bustle. Seek other perspectives that may challenge your way of life. This can open your mind and your heart to positive opportunities the future has in store for you. Scorpios, we know it's tempting to keep those deep-running feelings hidden, but remember: life isn't a poker game (per Women & Home). While your soul is as deep as the ocean, it's important to let some of the waves of emotions you feel go through the natural ebb and flow of life.

Scorpios are full of inner wisdom and sometimes just talking about your thoughts and feelings can help you and your social circle navigate life. Per Bustle, you're starting to feel more compassionate and empathetic toward others, especially with everything going on in the world right now.

There is no one more ambitious nor influential than you, Scorpio. Combined with your sharp, analytical mind, there's nothing stopping you from improving your life and helping the world!