Why Summer And Kyle's First Marriage Failed On The Young And The Restless

In daytime television, love and romance are the secret ingredients that spice up the soap genre. Viewers often tune in to witness passionate (or tender loving) moments between their favorite couples. Occasionally, the popularity of one of those couples is so high that they achieve "super couple" status. These lovers always find their way back to one another despite any obstacles in their path. Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer Newman (Hunter Haley King) are prime examples of this enduring and undying love on "The Young and the Restless."

However, by nature, soap operas invite drama into these beloved couples' lives. Despite being happily married in the present, Kyle and Summer had a long and challenging road to get there. It isn't their first marriage, nor their first time attempting a life of growing old together. Their first shot at married life was a disaster that went down in scorching flames (via Celebrity Dirty Laundry). Summer and Kyle's first marriage was never going to be successful. The genesis of their union was lies and manipulation, and Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) played an integral role in sealing their fate (via Soap Central).

Regardless of the hurdles placed their way, fans still often wonder: Why did Kyle and Summer's first marriage fail?

Kyle fell for Lola, but Summer's return complicated things

The "Young and the Restless" love triangle between Summer/Kyle/Lola was a stressful time for fans of the Kyle and Summer pairing. Kyle's fondness for Lola was apparent to everyone, including his frequent flame Summer. Kyle was smitten the moment Lola arrived in town with her food truck. The chemistry between the two was undeniable, and soon the pair gave dating a try. At first, his affluence got in the way of Lola's feelings for him, but eventually, she succumbed to his charm. However, Summer was forever lurking in the shadows, awaiting another opportunity at romance with Kyle (via Soaps In Depth).

Summer was (and still is) a large part of Kyle's life. They've been in each other's orbits since childhood, and their bond is shakeable but not breakable. That said, Lola still begrudged Summer's ever-looming presence in Kyle's life. Eventually, Kyle and Lola split as a result of their financial differences. Their lifestyles weren't compatible then, but Kyle was determined to get her back. Amid his tremendous efforts to reclaim what he and Lola shared, Summer returned to town with her sights set on Kyle (via Soap Central).

By that point, Kyle wasn't in a relationship with either woman. However, he was still actively pursuing a second chance with Lola. Summer took advantage of the situation, leading to Lola walking in on them kissing. Lola wouldn't stand for this, and after dubious methods from Summer, she and Kyle were finished. However, that night, tragedy struck, and the lives of all three changed forever. The worst night of Lola's life became the best of Summer's, leaving Kyle in an unenviable position (via Soaps.com).

Lola's injury led to Kyle's abrupt marriage to Summer

After witnessing Kyle locking lips with Summer, a distraught Lola stormed off, but the night got much worse for the young chef. Lola's crazed sister-in-law Mia Rosales (Noemi Gonzalez) mistook her for Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) and attacked her from behind. Lola's hit connected with the ground, and she fell into the Abbott mansion pool at freezing temperatures. Kyle found Lola submerged in the water, and once at the hospital, her condition further declined. Lola's dire prognosis included the need for a liver transplant, and Summer was the only known donor match (via Soaps.com).

Kyle was determined to save Lola's life at whatever cost to his own life and happiness. With Summer as the only known donor, Kyle made the ultimate sacrifice. Backed into a corner, Kyle was under Summer's thumb and forced to accommodate her wishes to secure the donation. Technically, Kyle was the one doing the blackmailing and not Summer, but her affection toward Kyle drove everything. A desperate Kyle offered to marry Summer to guarantee Lola's life would be saved, but she refused. If Summer were to marry Kyle after all those years, love would be the basis, not blackmail (via Soap Central).

Kyle placated Summer's feelings so Lola would live. Of course, in typical Summer fashion, she forced Kyle to make a grand proposal in front of everyone. The wedding occurred on the day of the surgery, and Kyle broke the news to Lola about his nuptials. She was heartbroken, but she was also appreciative of receiving the donation. Kyle and Summer spent the next significant chunk of time together as a married couple dealing with various business crises. Unfortunately for Summer, this was a doomed marriage, thanks to Kyle's intense feelings for Lola (via Soap Dirt).

Kyle's feelings for Lola caused his first marriage to Summer to end in divorce

"The Young and the Restless" won't let people stay happy for long. Kyle could only fake it for so long before his heart's genuine desire came to light. Lola was the woman (at the time) with whom Kyle saw a future. The Cuban girl with the mouthwatering food truck was the one who gave him butterflies. No matter how hard Kyle tried to make his sham marriage with Summer stay afloat, he wanted to be with Lola. Summer felt used (understandably so) and was an emotional wreck following the news (via Soaps.com).

Kyle's love for Lola made his first marriage to Summer crumble. It's a classic case of someone caught in the middle of two people, unable to pick just one. Even though their first marriage ended in disaster because of Lola, it wouldn't be their only go-around. Kyle and Summer eventually found their way back down the altar earlier this year, and they remain married in the present (via Celebrity Dirty Laundry). Fortunately, Lola lives in Miami and is entirely out of the picture.