Three Simple Tips To End Your First Date On A High Note

Let's face it — dating is awkward. You take a leap on a person you barely know, hoping to make a connection but you really can't figure out what you're in store for. Your date could be a really nice person and you hit it off, or they could be an equally nice person that's just not for you. Worst case scenario, they could be a racist, sexist, or bore you to tears. 

In the online dating world, you've likely chatted a bit already and gotten to know something about their life, perhaps a little about their job, family, and world views (via NBC News). Now you just have to hope that what they told you was genuine.

First dates can be scary because you don't know enough about the person to determine whether they are someone you'd like to get to know better. While there are certainly things you should never do on a first date like being late, or staying glued to your phone, or discussing your ex (via Refinery 29), there are a few trusted ways to ensure that it ends well.  

Be courteous and generous on first dates

Though dating has changed a lot over the years, some things always hold true. Anytime you do anything, you're exhibiting what kind of person you are in the world. Go into a first date being appreciative of this person coming out to meet you. They took the time in their schedule to stop and spend some time with you so a thank you for taking the time is an appropriate gesture.

Give your date the same courtesy you would give to a new colleague or neighbor (via Bustle). If they offer to pay for a meal or plan out the date, express your gratitude. Perhaps they left work early or traveled to your town or neighborhood to make meeting easier. Show that you are genuinely grateful for whatever they did to make the date pleasant.

After the date, send them a quick text to express your appreciation (via Elite Daily) and then paint the picture for your next move.  

Be kind and follow up

Although you may have chatted online or even possibly on the phone, it's impossible to gauge the chemistry you may or may not have until you meet in person.

"Chemistry is hard to define and quantify, simply because it's often subtle, intuitive," says relationship expert David Bennett tells Bustle."My experience is that if you don't feel chemistry on a first date, it's unlikely to develop after a second."

If you don't feel chemistry, it's best to be gracious and always kind. You don't have to feel romantic feelings in order to enjoy the date, so thank your date for the company but if asked for a second date, be direct. You can simply say you enjoyed the date (if you truly did) but you're not feeling a romantic connection.

Finally, if you had a good time and would love to get to know your date even further, let them know at the end of the night. Another way is to follow up with a thank you text (via Elite Daily) and suggest you see a movie or concert that you discussed on the date or bring up a fun part of the conversation and say you'd like to discuss that more.

In the end, it's best to be honest and upfront with both yourself and your date, so you don't waste their time or your own.