What Is Lexi Brumback From Cheer Doing Now?

"Cheer" became super popular when it premiered on Netflix in January of 2020. Viewers flocked to the show not only due to its inside look at competitive cheerleading but also because of the connections fans made with the cast. When the first season came out, we got to follow some favorite Navarro cheerleaders, including now big names like Gabi Butler and coach Monica Aldama, who went on to compete on "Dancing with the Stars."

One cheerleader who caught everyone's attention was Lexi Brumback. With her platinum blonde hair and spunky attitude, she drew fans in instantly. But it was her personal story that made everyone fall in love with the athlete. According to the Houston Chronicle, Brumback dropped out of high school at 16 and ran with the wrong crowd, often getting into trouble. After Aldama discovered her at an All-Star cheer competition, she offered Brumback a scholarship to attend Navarro and join their team. After earning her GED, she began competing with the college's cheer team in 2019, starring on "Cheer" in the process. 

But where is she now?

Lexi Brumback was barely seen in Season 2

At the end of Season 1, fans were left thinking that Lexi Brumback would not be returning. In fact, it was evident that she had been kicked off the team due to legal troubles in the finale, per Bustle. But as press began to surface for Season 2, it proved that she would, in fact, make a return to the team and to "Cheer."

And while it was announced that Lexi Brumback would be returning to "Cheer" Season 2, once the season started, we only got a glimpse of her. About halfway through the season, she suddenly disappeared entirely with just a simple mention from coach Monica Aldama saying she was no longer there (via PopSugar).

Brumback later revealed that the pressures of distance learning and her struggle with ADHD caused her grades to drop and she was no longer eligible to compete with the Navarro team. Her departure from Navarro also marked her departure from "Cheer." She told PopSugar that she will continue to practice cheer for the workout but will probably not join a competition team again. Instead, Brumback has put her focus on other dreams.

She is a social influencer and brand ambassador

Like many of her "Cheer" peers, Lexi Brumback has made a name for herself outside of the docuseries. Brumback has over 800,000 Instagram followers and over 12,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her influencer status has landed her brand deals with some big companies including Ulta Beauty, Smile Direct Club, Savage X Fenty, and Kat Von D Beauty, per Newsweek.

These days, Brumback is leaning more and more into her creative side. She has created her own line of clothing called HEXXBYLEXX. While it hasn't dropped yet, photos on Instagram show that the line features pink tye-dye joggers, a black long sleeve t-shirt with her logo, and some t-shirts. The "Cheer" star is also expressing herself more through her makeup and art, which she shares via a separate Instagram with over 20,000 followers. 

It's clear Brumback has more talent than just what we see on the mat and we can't wait to see where her creative pursuits take her. 

She has moved on, but still goes back to her roots

While Lexi Brumback can still be seen flexing her cheerleading talent, she has since moved on from cheerleading. In fact, she mentioned on Instagram that it has been years since she has been on the mat. According to PopSugar, Brumback is working towards her other passions and has plans to continue pursuing art and has even taken some acting classes and hopes to be in movies.

Today, Brumback is living in Houston with her boyfriend Dominic Green, who she has been dating for about two years, per Bustle. She has also become a vocal ally of the trans community. "Today is dedicated to bringing awareness of the discrimination that the transgender community faces, but also to celebrate everyone who is trans!" she wrote in an Instagram post celebrating Trans Day of Visibility. "If you are a member of the transgender community, you are seen, and you are loved."

While Brumback may not have had an easy road, we are excited to see her thriving in her new element and look forward to what's to come from the "Cheer" star.