Kimberly Guilfoyle Has A Brand New Nickname For Donald Trump

The House hearings on the events of January 6, 2021, are sounding more and more like a soap opera than a congressional proceeding. The most intriguing chapter so far centers on the former White House aide who has dropped some bombshell testimony against former President Donald Trump. As assistant to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson was privy to important meetings and conversations, including ones surrounding the 2020 election results and the resulting insurrection at the Capitol building. Once a Trump loyalist, Hutchinson testified to the committee that the riot — and the president's refusal to stop it — left her feeling "saddened as an American," (via The Washington Post).


But one bit of Hutchinson's testimony is being mocked by someone even closer and more loyal to Trump. Hutchinson recounted a conversation she had on January 6 with the former White House deputy chief of staff and a Secret Service agent, both of whom had been in the president's limousine after the rally on the Ellipse. 

Here's what prompted the nickname

Per NBC News, the men allegedly told Cassidy Hutchinson that Donald Trump demanded to be driven to the Capitol, and when the agent refused, Trump tried to grab the steering wheel with one hand and "lunged" at the agent's neck with the other. NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander has since tweeted that the men in the incident are disputing the claims about the steering wheel and assault. This delighted Kimberly Guilfoyle, who came up with a new nickname for her future father-in-law.


Former Fox News correspondent Guilfoyle went on to work on the 2020 Trump campaign (per The New Yorker), and she is still a passionate advocate for the former president. (As the future wife of former first son Donald Trump Jr., that's to be expected.) She was interviewed by the January 6 committee in April 2022 about her alleged involvement in the "Stop the Steal" rally (via People), but has not appeared at the current hearing.

Kimberly Guilfoyle called Donald Trump a #MAGANinja

Like her fiance, Kimberly Guilfoyle enjoys expressing herself on social media, particularly on political issues. Commenting on Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony about Donald Trump trying to take control of the car, Guilfoyle tweeted, "January 6th Committee 'witness' Cassidy Hutchinson basically claimed that President Trump was a Ninja. The Media is saying that was a LIE. So is President Trump the #MAGANinja or no?"


The tweet was met with a few agreements, but far more snark. "Less like a ninja, and more like a fussy toddler who throws plates and ketchup when he doesn't get his way," said a commenter. Many joked about Guilfoyle calling the former president a "ninja" for a decidedly un-athletic feat. "[A] ninja? Just for reaching up from one row of seats?" one asked. Another pointed out, "He was in an SUV, not 'The Beast [presidential limo]' and it's quite easy to reach the steering wheel and the person in the front passenger seat from there. I thought all you guys claim Trump is in such good health and so athletic."

Kimberly Guilfoyle also has an interesting nickname for Don Jr.

It seems like Kimberly Guilfoyle will fit right in with the family given her penchant for creating nicknames. Back in 2018, Guilfoyle invented a name for her then-boyfriend Donald Trump Jr., calling him "Junior Mint" (via Page Six). It's quite a loaded nickname and one that most would naturally associate with Donald Jr,'s status as a mini version of his wealthy father. However, according to an associate of Guilfoyle's, she texted Don in a group chat among friends using the nickname to refer to his personality, not the family fortune. The friend explained, "She said something like, 'Don, you're so sweet,' and then sent a picture of Junior Mints."


As a public news figure, Guilfoyle knows how to make headlines and sway narratives to gain a positive spin. "Junior Mint" isn't the most complimentary nickname in terms of Don's whole persona being summed up by his bank account, so it's not something that would be the best to make public, yet being "sweet" certainly is. Still, a Junior Mint isn't the first candy most would think of when they think of something sweet, though a group text among friends who would talk to the press is a convenient way to explain it all.

Incidentally, Don Jr. reportedly has his own nickname for Guilfoyle. According to Business Insider, he calls his fiancée "Pooh Bear," presumably after the popular Winnie the Pooh character.