The Little House On The Prairie Movies You Probably Forgot Existed

"Little House on the Prairie" is a family show that remains timeless. Premiering in 1974 with a nine-season run, "Little House on the Prairie" was one of the most-watched TV shows of its time with the first season averaging about 16 million viewers per episode, and ratings that stayed consistent throughout its run (via Classic TV Hits).


The show wasn't just a rating giant, it also helped launch the careers of many well-known actors today, including Jason Bateman and Shannen Doherty (via Laura's Prairie House). The "Little House on the Prairie" cast remains grateful for their time on the show. In a 2014 interview on the Today show, Dean Butler called the show "a magical experience that has touched people in their hearts."

Syndication, streaming services, DVDs, and Blu-rays make it easy for those who grew up watching "Little House on the Prairie" to return to Walnut Grove and revisit the Ingalls family. Along with re-watching episodes, "Little House on the Prairie" fans can also watch some of the movies that they may have forgotten.


There are three Little House on the Prairie TV movies

In March 1983, "Little House on the Prairie" aired its last episode, "Hello and Goodbye," (via IMDb), but this wasn't the last time that fans would get to see the original cast. In December 1983, the first movie in the series, "Little House: Look Back to Yesterday" aired on NBC. Per IMDb, the film follows the Ingalls family as Albert, played by Matthew Labyorteaux, returns to Walnut Grove because he becomes ill. The film doesn't completely reveal the fate of Albert, but it's Labyorteaux's final appearance in the "Little House on the Prairie" franchise (


"Little House: Bless All the Dear Children" was the next film in the series. The Christmas-themed movie aried in December 1984 and follows the Ingalls as they try to rescue baby Rose Wilder from a kidnapper, as noted by IMDb.

According to IMDb, the final "Little House on the Prairie" film, "Little House: The Last Goodbye" was the last movie filmed. Initially, it was planned as the big conclusion to the TV series and films. It aired, however, in February 1984, before "Little House: Bless All the Dear Children." The plot of "Little House: The Last Goodbye," revolves around the arrival of a land developer and what that could mean for the Walnut Grove citizens.

Michael Landon and Victor French directed all three movies

Victor French and Michael Landon, who played Isaiah Edwards and Charles Ingalls respectively, both had major roles in front of the cameras and behind the scenes of "Little House on the Prairie," directing and starring in the series as well as the films (via IMDb). French directed "Little House: Look Back to Yesterday" and "Little House: Bless All the Dear Children." Landon directed "Little House: The Last Farewell."


Landon and French's personal relationship began long before "Little House on the Prairie." According to the "Little House on the Prairie" site, they met on the set of "Bonanza." After "Little House on the Prairie" ended, Landon and French co-starred in "Highway to Heaven" (per IMDb).

All three of the "Little House on the Prairie" movies and the TV show are currently available to stream on Peacock.