The Real Meaning Of A Yellow Rose Tattoo

If you've always wanted to get a tattoo you might start out with something small. Since tattoos are permanent, much thought goes into creating an image that you want to place on your body for life.

Often, body art has a special and unique meaning to the person who gets it, and that may be clear to everyone who sees it or it may be a subtle or hidden gesture to a meaningful time in their life (via Our Mindful Life). It can be a word, outline, drawing or a combination of all three, and sometimes color can be used to convey meaning.

One of the most popular tattoos to get is a rose. According to Your Tango, a solitary rose tattooed on the arm is one of the most straightforward yet sophisticated designs.

Red and pink roses typically symbolize romantic love. However, many people choose to get a yellow rose depicted on their body and that can have a few different meanings.

What yellow roses symbolize

It's not only the shape or photo of the tattoo that signifies a thought or a feeling but it's also the color. Traditionally, the color of rose given to a person has a distinct meaning both for the giver and the recipient (via ProFlowers). Red roses are given as a symbol of romance. White roses symbolize marriage and new beginnings. Pink roses stand for admiration and appreciation.

Yellow roses are intriguing.They used to represent jealousy and even infidelity (via Almanac), but now they usually symbolize friendship, caring, and support. In addition, yellow roses can signify appreciation or a good memory. They also help show remembrance.

When yellow roses are used in tattoos, things change a bit. There is no giver or receiver, but only the depiction of the rose as a symbol. The symbolic gesture behind the rose can be varied according to what you're trying to convey, especially since yellow roses themselves have a multitude of different meanings.

Multiple meanings of yellow tattoos

A yellow rose is a good first tattoo for someone just starting out getting inked. It can be no bigger than a couple of inches and drawn on your forearm or shoulder, popular spots for first tattoos. You can choose watercolor or a more realistic looking rose. One solitary yellow rose can look like artwork and take on all the typical symbols of friendship and remembrance.

Often, the rose is a part of a bigger tattoo. According to Tatt Mag, a yellow rose might accompany a red rose side-by-side to symbolize romantic love and strong friends, as in being best friends and lovers. When a yellow rose is positioned next to a blue rose, they represent good luck and positivity. A black rose alongside a yellow rose shows good and bad conflicting feelings, so may represent the death of a good friend, or serve as a remembrance of a lost loved one.

Anytime you get a tattoo you should share why you want the tattoo and what it means to you so your tattoo artist can better understand. The expertise from an experienced tattoo artists goes a long way, and they can usually guide you on using color and form as symbolism.