What Snowflake Mountain's Sunny Malik Really Thinks Of Hosts Matt And Joel - Exclusive

Skinning deer for food, climbing mountains, and making fires in the middle of the wilderness — these are just some of the challenges that contestants on Netflix's "Snowflake Mountain" had to tackle. While cast members are seen as "spoiled" and "lazy" by their parents and longing for their material belongings and designer clothes, hosts Matt Tate (former Army combat engineer) and Joel Graves (former Navy explosive ordinance disposal) laughed at their sensitivity and reluctance to the wilderness lifestyle.

"Me and Matt, who survived off the land our whole lives, are gonna take these kids back to basics. Why? 'Cause the wilderness forces you to toughen up," Joel unapologetically says in a trailer for the reality show.

Now that the series is available to stream, we know that one particular camper, Sunny Malik, made it to the final two. In an exclusive interview with The List, he's sharing what he really thinks about Matt and Joel now that the cameras are off — and he's not holding anything back.

Sunny Malik says Matt and Joel are sweethearts

One of the top two finalists, Sunny Malik, has some thoughts to say about his no-nonsense hosts, and his answers may surprise you.

"My initial reaction when I saw them — I said some derogatory s***. I said something like, 'They look like random dudes you'd see at like any Walmart, in the fishing section.' [That's how I saw them]," Malik said in our exclusive interview. "It was tough at first, honestly — [dealing with] two kind of alpha male type of guys. That's normally the worst thing for me; I don't like that. At first, it definitely was hard to take them serious[ly]. I genuinely did not like them at first, but over time, [I realized that] when you talk to them, they're very family oriented, and they're very genuine people, honestly."

"Joel, definitely, he 100% will go for anything," Malik continued. "He's very spontaneous. I really liked watching that, and I definitely took some of that from him. Matt, he's an emotional guy. I feel like we had some deep talks. It's not in the show, so I don't know if it matters to say, but we talked about our dads and stuff like that. We got deep. We had some good, nice emotional conversations. They're both really solid guys. My first impression was wrong. They're not [alpha types who would] spit [in] your face. They're genuinely sweethearts."

"Snowflake Mountain" is now streaming on Netflix.