The Best Crossbody Bags You Can Buy In 2022

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Whether you're hoarding weeks of receipts or have a strict necessities-only handbag rule, including a few crossbody bags in your style rotation is the equivalent of an all-access pass to an unencumbered life. At the bare minimum, you'll have your hands available to pet puppies, sip artisanal lattes, and dismantle the patriarchy. Our philosophy is that hands-free is the way to be, so this is basically an open love letter to the best crossbody bags of 2022!

Handbag sales dipped when the pandemic hit, according to the NPD Group, but numbers are bouncing back as we strategically return to our beloved activities and outings. "Consumers are treating themselves as they return to more of their normal pre-pandemic behaviors," explained NPD's Beth Goldstein, who works as the firm's Executive Director and industry analyst of footwear and accessories. Not only are consumers eagerly refreshing their wardrobe and accessories, but they're also "trading up," says Goldstein. "The women's handbag market has rebounded more quickly than expected," she explains, and crossbody bag revenue grew 7% just in the short time between March and August of 2021.

That feels like a big jump in a short time, but an informal poll around the water cooler — aka tiresome Zoom meetings with bougie water bottles — yields similar results. It seems we've all been updating our bags, buying concert tickets, and saying yes to more experiences lately. And so, with that in mind, it's time to take stock of the crossbody bags that are perfect for every scenario.

How we selected products

Crossbody bags range from handbags to commuter-friendly totes. With such a wide range of products, we wanted to showcase a little something for everyone. Keeping this in mind, we scoured the world wide web for the cutest, most versatile, and most-loved options — but we also put on our beloved nerd hats and spent some time reviewing industry trends and statistics.

Most importantly, we checked in with Stitch Fix stylist Alicia Lloyd to better understand the 2022 crossbody bag trends. Lloyd has worked in the fashion industry for 15 years and has partnered with companies like American Eagle and Saks Fifth Avenue. She shared the direct-to-consumer styling brand's recent report on style trends for 2022 and offered advice on how to put those insights to good use. "While there are no hard and fast 'do's' and 'don'ts,' I suggest selecting a crossbody that's best suited to match your personal style," explains Lloyd. This feels on-point, considering the role that self-expression and personal interests have in our fashion choices, so we asked her to weigh in on the challenge of being outdoorsy but cute.

Spoiler alert: She nailed it. "For the outdoor lovers, you'll enjoy the functionality of a smaller, lightweight option that offers room for just the necessities," she told us. "Styles I would recommend to clients include this trendy option from Herschel."

So, prepped with stats and stacks of expert advice, we're excited to share the best crossbody bags you can buy in 2022!

Best overall crossbody bag

This vegan leather crossbody bag is so perfect that you just might get stopped in the street. At least that's how one customer discovered it. In their review on the brand's site, they mention that when they saw someone carrying the bag, they "had no issues with asking her where she got it" and were pleasantly "shocked" when they found out the price.

Styling Tip: We love the classic shape paired with the striped guitar strap styling, which can be swapped out to revamp the look of your other handbags, according to The Daily Beast.

Price: The Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag By Milly Kate is available at Navy Bleu for $88.

Social Media Highlight: It's always such a treat when we're reminded that there's a real person behind all successful brands. In this case, that person is Erin Hornyak, and she loves the color navy. And in a deep dive of the brand's IG feed, we found this throwback video from a home-based pop-up that featured this series of bags.

Best multi-compartment

The handbag gods have gifted us this pink double-compartment crossbody, and we agree with its 10,000+ fans on Amazon. There was one customer, though, whose review write-up caught our eye. The self-proclaimed "pickiest human of all time" worked in fashion for 15 years and is a tough critic as a result. Her review? Well, it's as rosy as the bag itself: "the details are excellent and the overall look goes with practically anything. The interior is even gorgeous! I'm impressed. And I'm happy."

Styling Tip: Taking a cue from real-life customers on Amazon, we love how this reviewer paired the bag with jeans and a crop top. Plus, another user gives a sneak-peek at the inside compartments and gorgeous pink color.

Price: The Double Compartment Large Fold-over Crossbody Bag is available on Amazon, starting at $23.95.

Social Media Highlight: You don't need permission to channel your inner Elle Woods, so say yes to scented stationery and all things pink. It's been just over 20 years since Reese Witherspoon's "Legally Blond" hit the theaters, and over 1.4 million people liked her celebratory post.

Best streetwear phone sling

If you're new to the brand Sprayground, welcome! Now buckle up and enjoy the ride. The brand's roots run deep in the bag biz, starting off with their now-iconic "Hello My Name Is" backpack. The brand's co-founder, David BenDavid, is a creative force and has been featured by the likes of culture magazine Contrast. Through the years, collaborations have included big names like Porsche and even the Miami Heat, which ranks among BenDavid's favorites. "That was definitely my favorite collaboration," he notes. "We did several artistic bags with them, and I'm now creating exclusive designs for the store inside the arena."

Styling Tips: "Certain trends emerge year to year," according to Stitch Fix stylist Alicia Lloyd, "and one of my favorites is the rise in popularity of micro crossbodies." She suggests they're a great "way to add an unexpected print or a pop of color to your outfit."

Price: The XTC La Palais Sling is available at Sprayground for $80.

Social Media Highlight: Sprayground's Instagram features include Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid sporting Sprayground x LaQuan Smith designs.

Best under $25 option on Amazon

Dripping with (actual) emeralds might be just out of reach, so thank goodness for this gem of a handbag! It's got two hidden zippered pockets and plenty of room in the main compartment, which customers love. An experienced Amazon reviewer named Kristen said, "If you're looking for a cute, small bag that's roomy enough to actually carry your stuff in, I can honestly recommend this one and know you'll be happy with it!"

Would you like to know who else is happy with it? The 14,957 people who gave it a 5-star review.

Styling Tips: The clean, straightforward design of this bag makes it a breeze to style; it's great with big prints, denim looks, or even demure, dressier looks like the one a reviewer wore in her styling video.

Price: The Triple Zip Small Crossbody Bag is available on Amazon, starting at $18.99.

Social Media Highlight: Toting an emerald green bag garners attention. This TikTok, which has over 43,000 likes and features a rare emerald green Chanel bag, is a case in point. Feeling green with envy? Nah, just invest in this under $25 jewel instead.

Best crossbody bag to prevent identity theft

You're uniquely you, so keep it that way with a bag that protects against identity theft. This black, sling-style bag is designed with an RFID-protected pocket to keep your credit cards safe. It's cute, water-resistant, and even has tamper-proof zippers.

Styling Tips: Although there's debate on the extent of RFID-related crimes, the fact remains that it's easy to steal credit card information this way (via NPR). The good news is, thieves would likely pick a place with plenty of people, like an airport, and these places have lots of cameras. But it's a worthwhile spend if you're looking for peace of mind in less-monitored places like concerts, festivals, or while sightseeing. So choose one that will go with every outfit.

Price: The ACCESS SLING is available at Nomatic for $59.99.

Social Media Highlight: The folks at Nomatic are legit experts in bags of all kinds — everyday packs, travel, camera bags, and more. But even experts have a fun sense of humor, and the brand's Instagram feed, which has over 182,000 followers, mixes in the occasional silly "pack a puppy" photo now and again. Pro tip: Keep your credit cards away from that puppy; he's inconceivably cute, and therefore a little shady.

Best eclectic seed bead design

If you're looking for a muse, she's here, and she's fabulous. This creatively crafty little vixen has an intricate seed bead design that feels both nostalgic and trendy. The combination of texture, pop of color, and whimsy give this bag a really special vibe. But that special feeling is also because Pop of Confetti is a curated collection of handcrafted goods from authentic makers and artisans. So everything they sell is, in fact, quite unique.

Styling Tips: The Zoe Report chimed in on 2022 trends, and both fun beading and "playfulness" are getting some love this year. This bag is checking all the boxes.

Price: The Circle Crossbody Seed Bead Bag is available at Pop of Confetti for $58.99.

Social Media Highlight: Grab ahold of that supply chain, snip off the deadweight, and meet the maker. Pop of Confetti introduces makers on its website and through the coolest videos on Instagram. And to be clear, there are 100 videos — and that's the most fun we've had while counting since kindergarten!

Best classic saddle bag

The stats on this saddle bag are near-dizzying. Customers rate it a 4.7 in "giftable," 4.6 in "sturdiness," and 4.5 for "craftsmanship." Add over 4,000 ratings and an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and it's a fan favorite.

Styling Tips: Stitch Fix expert Alicia Lloyd told The List, "When selecting a versatile crossbody to use all year round, I recommend choosing a neutral colored option that can be paired with a variety of looks." So, to achieve that goal, we love this cozy almond milk color.

Price: The Vegan Leather Saddle Bag Crossbody is available on Amazon, starting at $23.95.

Social Media Highlight: The saddle bag made quite a stir in the early aughts when featured by Dior. "Sex and the City" super fans know that the style started trending when the show's Carrie Bradshaw carried a saddle bag in Season 3, Episode 5 (via Atelier, Hello). The show's Sarah Jessica Parker lives rent-free in our handbag visions, so we keep the dream alive with her handbag posts on Instagram, which often get over 150,000 likes.

Best bold print

Point of view: Beloved heroine from "Alice in Wonderland" grows up and breaks the internet in fantastical style with her dreamy handbag posts. Well, lead the way, Alice. If we need to dive into a rabbit hole for one of these wondrous bags, we're down — no questions asked.

Styling Tips: "For my trend-forward clients," says Alicia Floyd, "I recommend they incorporate a dose of playfulness into their looks by topping off any outfit with a crossbody that features an unexpected print, texture, or pop of color!" Okay, we've got that covered, plus the versatility of easy transition from clutch to crossbody — perfect!

Price: The Vali Crossbody Handbag is available at Min and Mon for $258.

Social Media Highlight: Nestled among the brand's social media dreamscape — aka Instagram — you'll find some of the cutest IRL style images. Between the real-life inspiration and the colorful product posts, it's easy to see how Min and Mon has over 95,000 followers.

Best woven straw

Warm weather often brings about fields of dry grass, and if you're a glass-half-full kind of person, you'll rejoice. So, bring on all the woven straw and rattan bags! A seasonal favorite, according to Vogue, natural fiber bags like this handwoven MerSea option are perfect for summer.

Styling Tips: The structured shape of this straw and leather crossbody is similar to the handbag Olivia Palermo featured on Instagram, but with the added convenience of a versatile strap.

Price: The Mini Medina Crossbody is available at MerSea for $128.

Social Media Highlight: MerSea's Insta-feed is like a meandering hot girl walk along seaside dunes of summery grasses. Granted, you'll have the company of the brand's 38,000 followers as well, but also woven straw and rattan looks for endless days.

Best slim-design

Welcome to the next episode of "Real Talk with Amazon Reviewers." In this episode, Susan walks us through the nuanced benefits of a long-strapped bag. "I wanted a crossbody, so I wouldn't have to put my purse in those nasty carts at the store." Duly noted, Susan, and we totally get it.

Styling Tips: Consider this keepin'-it-real PSA from Amazon reviewer Susan when deciding if you need a crossbody bag. In addition to being a great hands-free option, crossbody bags make navigating the perils of less-than-optimal public spaces easier. We're looking at you, bar bathrooms; there's nothing stylish about the Cirque du Soleil-inspired balancing act when there's no handbag hook.

Price: The Frye Melissa Zip Crossbody is available on Amazon for $198.

Social Media Highlight: The Frye Company has over 250,000 followers on Instagram, including celebrities like Selma Blair.

Best crossbody backpack

We are easily distracted by shiny things and make no apologies. Case in point, this little silver sling-style backpack from Halara has us nostalgic for the iridescent moon boots of the 80s. Can you even imagine how many Bonne Bell flavored lip glosses we could fit into this bag? All of them, for the record, because this bag is just right for carrying your essentials.

Styling Tips: Metallics make for a sheen scene in the high fashion tmrw magazine photo shoot with photographer Dennis Leupold and TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio. We love the idea of re-envisioning her silver metallic blazer vibes into this under $25 bag.

Price: The Laser Zipper Crossbody Bag is available at Halara for $22.95.

Social Media Highlight: Halara is known for its stylish, super-functional clothes, and that combination has earned it 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Best color options

Dance along to the siren song of fanciful color. This bag is offered in 25 different hues, ranging from teal and red to classic neutral tones. Paired with its Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5-stars, this crossbody is an easy way to dabble in the non-drab. Plus, it's just $16.99, so its allure is undeniable.

Styling Tips: We love seeing the real-life looks that Amazon reviewers share. Smalave76 created the perfect game-day look, pairing this bag with cute white shorts and a half-tucked baseball tee.

Price: The Functional Multi Pocket Crossbody Bag is available on Amazon for $16.99.

Social Media Highlight: Yellow is trending in summer 2022 fashion; even WWD has reported on its momentum. In a roundup focused on the year's trendiest colors, WWD highlights that the Pantone spring color is daffodil, an amped-up yellow hue. And when it's time to style this crossbody bag, yellow pairs well with navy and adds a little something extra to neutrals, as seen in this Harpers Bazaar post.

Best under $200 luxury crossbody

This is the one — the Goldilocks of handbags. It's not too big or small, and the color of the leather is perfect year-round. Not to mention, it can be worn as a crossbody during daylight hours and quickly transform into a chic evening clutch for a night out.

Styling Tips: "The beauty of a crossbody is the endless array of styles and sizes these versatile bags come in," explains Stitch Fix stylist Alicia Lloyd. This Parker Clay style exists in that perfectly balanced sweet spot where style, versatility, function, and luxury come together.

Price: The Makeda Leather Crossbody Bag is available at Parker Clay for $188.

Social Media Highlight: Join the over 75,000 followers who clammer for glimpses of Parker's Clay's dreamy goods on Instagram. You can also peek at media shout-outs from Forbes, Town & Country, and Glamour.

Best mini tote

Attention, commuters: Luis Steven is offering one-way tickets to handmade heaven. These products are created by artisans in Los Angeles using high-quality Italian leather, often in smaller, more exclusive quantities. To that end, the brand has been featured in Forbes, Go Nomad, and Latinista.

Styling Tips: This tablet crossbody bag is a genderless fashion piece just right for holding your tech and essentials while on the go. The neutral taupe pairs well with just about anything, and that teal stripe offers a hint of personality.

Price: The Tablet Crossbody is available at Luis Steven for $345.

Social Media Highlight: Although the luxe-leaning craftsman-centric brand is new on the Instagram scene, it's just in time, because the hashtag #artisan has racked up nearly 10 million posts!

Best animal print

It's shocking how much you can fit into a well-designed handbag. Take this leopard print crossbody, for example. The inside has all the features of a wallet — credit card slots, an ID pocket, and a slot for cash — but it also has a generous main compartment for your keys and the usual handbag chaos.

Styling Tip: "Anything goes if it makes you feel confident and expresses your personal style," Stitch Fix stylist Alicia Lloyd told us. So, if you've been looking to lean into the jungle cat craze, this bag is a low-key way to dabble.

Price: The BROMEN Crossbody Bag is available on Amazon, starting at $34.19

Social Media Highlight: We found the cutest look when reading the reviews. Real-life customer Bruna styled the bag like a pro, pairing it with a "Friends" throw-back tee. And, of course, once we saw the Central Perk coffee reference, it sent us down a Jennifer Aniston-drinking-coffee rabbit hole, and you're welcome. 

Best 1980s throwback

We'll give you a quick minute to add this bag to your online cart.

How can you not, right? Look at it, in all its 1980s throwback glory! Plus, according to Fashion United, diminutive handbags are back on-trend, and this cutey is just $30.

Styling Tip: Stylist Alicia Lloyd and the Stitch Fix team are currently styling with the mindset that, "There are definitely some stand-out color trends for 2022." The direct-to-consumer online personal styling service released their Style Forecast "and [they] predicted that bright colors would dominate wardrobes in 2022."

Price: The Britt Crossbody Bag is available at Soigne for $30.

Social Media Highlight: Soigne has been featured by Boston Common, USA Today, and The Chicago Tribune. Plus, the brand has nearly 55,000 followers.

Best wristlet crossbody bag

If crocodiles were actually pink, we do not doubt that Paris Hilton would have a mini-croc as a pet. And it would have a Swarovski crystal necklace, of course, keeping us forever curious about how much Paris Hilton is actually worth. But, if you're looking for something a bit more understated (and rooted in reality), how about this fabulous blush-pink croc-textured handbag from Freebird?

Styling Tip: Of course, personal budgets play a role in our fashion choices, but stylist Alicia Lloyd told The List that "crossbody bags are a timeless silhouette that will never go out of style." So, this handbag is a great option, especially because it converts from crossbody to wristlet or even a clutch!

Price: The Lola Crossbody Handbag is available at Freebird, starting at $117.

Social Media Highlight: Freebird has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, where they feature a flurry of footwear and accessory inspiration.

Best casual rope bag

This KAVU rope bag is the No. 1 best-selling crossbody sling bag for men on Amazon. And, since we have a strict don't-follow-silly-labels rule, we think it's perfect for everyone. In other words, this sling is just the thing for everything from camping to commuting.

Styling Tip: TikTok user @gracies.journal posted a Kavu love-a-thon video, and we love how she paired her version of this sling bag with denim and an outdoorsy-chic sweatshirt.

Price: The Kavu Rope Bag is available on Amazon for $55.

Social Media Highlight: Oh-em-gee, you guys. The Kavu Instagram feed is the aspirational lifestyle mood board we needed today. It's got a chill vibe, cozy clothes, the great outdoors, and llamas. Yup, llamas! So, it's no wonder there are over 60,000 followers.

Best hardware accents

The red and gold zipper on this bag is a thing of beauty. The pewter-colored leather has a brushed texture and is stunning when combined with the statement-making gold and red accents. Customers rate the bag 4.6 out of 5-stars, and 95% of reviewers would recommend it to a friend.

Styling Tip: Hammitt bags are perfect for minimal-style looks, and TikTok user @hhheathermichelle swooped in with some styling tips. She uses the brand's signature minimalist vibe as the jumping-off point for chic, everyday looks. The result? So far, so good, considering the video has over 25,000 views!

Price: The Tony SML Crossbody Bag is available at Hammitt for $245.

Social Media Highlight: If you can't get enough of the red zipper look, no worries; check out this much-loved post on Instagram. Plus, as a bonus, you can check out that time Hammitt was spotted on "Selling Sunset." 

Best splurge-worthy belt bag

This Peter Kate sling-style belt bag looks like it's built for speed. It must be the classic racing-stripe styling because we're picking up some serious Steve McQueen-in-a-race-car vibes. Add to that the fact that the leather is perforated à la the interior of a luxe Porsche, and truth be told, we're all in.

Styling Tip: Drawing upon her experience as a Stitch Fix stylist, Alicia Lloyd mentioned that it's always a fashion 'yes' to rock a "unique option with subtle details." Along those lines, this crossbody bag is spot-on.

Price: The Gringo Belt Bag is available at Peter Kate for $320.

Social Media Highlight: You know you're on to a good thing when First Lady Jill Biden loves a brand as much as you do, as seen in Peter Kate's Instagram highlights. Add to that endorsement additional shout-outs from Vogue, InStyle, and Allure, and Peter Kate is clearly moving at max speed.

Best overall value

Well, we sure do love a two-for deal, especially when it's as stylish as this neutral crossbody, which comes with an additional clip-on coin purse  Seeing as though it goes with everything, through every season, there's 365 reasons to love it. Plus, for just $40, it delivers incredible overall value.

Styling Tip: Youtube stylist Kim XO recommends that crossbody bags are a great style for those with an inverted triangle body-type. Her style video has over 45,000 views, and we love it for two big reasons. One, it's great advice on how to select handbags based on your body type — but also because she turned the YouTube world upside down by opening a video with a greeting that isn't the standard-issued "hey guys!" So, right away, we're listening.

Price: The Eleri Crossbody Bag is available at TIJN for $40.

Social Media Highlight: TIJN has nearly 290,000 followers and 3.9 million likes on TikTok, where the hashtag #TIJNtogroove is picking up steam.