Yellow Is Trending In Summer 2022 Fashion

The latest summer fashion trend is heating up. While we're all wearing lighter fabrics, this is the time of year to try more outgoing color combinations. 

Fashion experts, designers, and celebrities have been making the world brighter by donning yellow. Runways this spring featured models draped in yellow outfits, as seen in the Editorialist recap of some of the most fashionable shows. 

While some may be intimidated by the color's vibrant hue, yellow may just be one of the best clothing colors for your skin tone. Even the Duchess of Cambridge has jumped on the trend. At the Queen's Jubilee, Kate Middleton wore a gorgeous yellow look that had everyone talking.

Although other bright colors like pink are trending in summer 2022 fashion, yellow could make your outfits unique while following trends. If you're ready to warm up your wardrobe with this happy hue, we've got the style inspo for you.

Yellow: wearing an instant mood booster

Beyond staying on-trend, wearing yellow this summer could literally make your mood brighter. Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, can be traced back to ancient Egyptian and Indian practices and philosophies. 

According to Very Well Mind, color therapy revolves around the idea that individuals respond differently to various colors. As for its effectiveness, a 2019 study showed that color therapy worked in reducing anxiety for school children. Chromotherapists believe that yellow evokes positive emotions like happiness and optimism, improving your mood and creating a little more light in your life.

This simple HUNZA G + NET SUSTAIN Thema Stretch-Knit Mini Dress in Yellow from Net-a-Porter is a perfect example of how you can easily incorporate this mood-boosting color into your everyday wardrobe. Paired with an oversized white button-up, simple gold jewelry, and strappy black sandals, this outfit lets you look colorful with minimal effort. What better way to improve your mood than by looking cute without even trying?

The color has finally reached its fashion prime

Though more celebrities, influencers, and models are wearing yellow these days, the color has been featured by designers since spring 2020. It's taken time for fashion experts and everyday shoppers to embrace this bright hue. 

In April 2020, Vogue noted that yellow is a color to watch. Ranging from soft pastel to vibrant neon to shimmery gold, there were plenty of options on display at London and Paris fashion weeks in 2020 to match your vibe.

Slowly, more designers began incorporating yellow into their looks. After 2021's New York Fashion Week, Refinery29 called the color the unsung hero of both street style and the runways. 

The Pantone Color Institute also had its sights set on the warm shade. "Offering a range of pragmatic hues infused with vivifying bright pops, colors for Fall/Winter 2021/2022 offer a plethora of possibilities that support our lifestyle of continual reinvention and convey a promise of reemergence," said Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman.

That trend hasn't ended. It seems that the color yellow has finally reached its sartorial prime in summer 2022 as fashionistas take a lesson from the dawn and soak up the sun's color.

How to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe

You may never have thought to include yellow in your everyday looks. Perhaps you're intimidated by wearing such a bright, energetic color. That's okay! There are plenty of ways to add bits of yellow into your style. 

The Mango Straps Gingham Vichy Sandals in Yellow add a pop of color to your outfit without completely overwhelming your style. This Mango Sustainable Cotton T-Shirt in Pastel Yellow could serve as a comfortable basic for everyday wear.

A yellow sundress is one of the easiest ways to wear yellow this summer. This H&M Patterned Chiffon Dress in Yellow/Tropical Flowers could be dressed up with heels and jewelry or dressed down with sneakers and a hat. For a smaller touch of yellow for your summer days, try the Warby Parker Waller Sunglasses in Plantain Crystal.

No matter if you go all out with the hue or add subtle pops of color to your looks, yellow will always elevate your outfit.

Monochrome: for the bold and brave

The most outgoing fashion fans may be drawn to creating a monochrome yellow outfit. Diving into monochrome looks can be intimidating, though, especially for a color as eye-catching as yellow. The trick, according to InStyle, is not to overthink it. 

"When it comes to solutions that check every box — low-effort, fashion-forward, playful, and (preferably) comfortable — monochrome outfits continue to reign supreme," writes Samantha Sutton of InStyle. Simply showing that you have the confidence to pull off a one-color look will make you seem like a bonafide fashion guru.

It's no secret that the color yellow can be overwhelming. That's why the Editorialist recommends going for more mellow shades when trying monochrome outfits.

Let's build a simple yet chic monochrome outfit using a pale shade of yellow. The Stradivarius 90s Dad Jean in Yellow from ASOS will serve as the ensemble's foundation. For a flirty look, pair the jeans with this pale yellow ASTR the Label Bubble Sleeve Smocked Blouse in Lemonade from Nordstrom. Finish the outfit with the Ninety Union Twist Sandal in Yellow from DSW.

Voila! You've mastered the art of monochrome dressing.

Perfect yellow color combos

If monochrome isn't quite your style — or you just can't settle on one color for your outfit — there are many complementary colors for your yellow looks. 

WhoWhatWear detailed how yellow and green is the latest quirky micro-trend on the Internet and the runway. Indya Brown of the outlet playfully calls this the "Sprite can" look, but designers seem to have fully embraced the combination. 

One popular variation that models and influencers have been donning is a yellow outfit with a green shoe. For instance, imagine this Marc Fisher Gavery Sandal in Green from DSW paired with this Banana Republic Linen Blazer in Yellow Umbrella. This ensemble is the perfect fashion statement for city streets and fashion shows alike.

However, you don't have to wear equally bright colors with your yellow pieces. Sophie Hines of Good Housekeeping took on the challenge of wearing yellow for a week, and she learned that neutral tones — including white, black, tan, and navy — can make the vibrant color less intimidating. 

For the summer months, try the no-fail combo of white pants and a yellow top. And, if you have a trusty pair of denim shorts or jeans, they would work perfectly with a yellow shirt, too.

Ready or not, here comes the sun: So dress accordingly.