Why Do People Crave Chocolate When Pregnant?

There are a lot of myths about pregnancy. While we are often led to believe that coffee is dangerous or you are eating for two, these facts simply aren't true. And while you shouldn't eat to your heart's desire during pregnancy, cravings are actually not a myth. According to Baby Centre, not all women will experience cravings, but a good amount will. In fact, aside from cravings, many people also report having food aversions and no longer can stomach foods they once loved until after the baby is born, per Verywell Family.


While there is mixed research on the subject, it is believed that cravings during pregnancy are caused by a shift in hormones, a heightened sense of smell, a change in what your body needs nutritionally, and a need for comfort. It is also believed that our culture has a bit to do with cravings, as we often crave certain foods because we have been told it happens. Whatever the reason for cravings, some of the most common foods pregnant people crave are high-calorie carbs like pizza and french fries, fresh fruit, and yes, chocolate. But why exactly do those expecting crave chocolate while pregnant?

Chocolate cravings could be due to cultural influences

According to Pregnancy Food Checker, chocolate is the most common food craving among pregnant people. If you are craving a ton of chocolate during your pregnancy, you are likely wondering if this has any meaning. Unfortunately, a lot of previous thoughts about chocolate cravings have been debunked. According to The Cut, craving chocolate is actually not biological at all — so your hormones going crazy isn't technically an excuse to buy another chocolate bar. In fact, the reason behind your craving may be more due to our culture. Many of us have the idea that we can overindulge during pregnancy. And while a bit of overindulgence is perfectly fine, this mentality is a big reason a lot of people feel those intense cravings for chocolate.


And while you may not be able to blame your hormones on your newfound chocolate addiction, you can still treat your craving during your pregnancy without much guilt — as long as you don't go overboard.

Eat that chocolate, it could be good for you and the baby

If you are craving chocolate during your pregnancy, don't feel guilty about enjoying it! In fact, it may actually be beneficial. If you are into dark chocolate, try to choose that over milk chocolate. According to Healthline, chocolate can help get your blood flowing, which helps your baby grow and eating dark chocolate every day has been said to improve brain function in babies. It can also reduce your blood pressure and lessen the chance for complications like preeclampsia.


But, as with most things, eating too much chocolate can have negative effects, specifically in the third trimester. If you want to try to curb your need for a Snickers, Healthy Mummy suggests reaching for banana chips, which are high in fiber or figs, which balance blood sugar and prevent cravings. But, of course, a handful of banana chips isn't going to give you as much pleasure as a piece of chocolate, so enjoy that Snickers bar — in moderation!